Organization Man

CARLOS MORA VANEGAS Experience tends universally to show that the pure type of bureaucratic organization … from the technical point of view, is able to achieve the highest standards of efficiency, and in the formal sense, the most rational way to conduct a crucial control on Max Weber humans should not surprise us, discussed among experts of management science, that personal success and organizational success are related to those who manage people, is why a successful person is described as someone who: . does things. He knows what he does. Making good decisions. He prefers action, knowing where it goes.

How to stay motivated. Interpret assertive role. Achieve goals which states, among others. When you start the formal organizational behavior studies, the teacher is fully identified the need to provide participants with the scope, impact generated by the linkages between the individual, the individual, the individual with the group and groups together to to assess the organizational climate that generated in the business. Hence, in this analysis we have selected this topic, presenting the most relevant aspects to be assessed, investigated, studied with regard to the individual versus the organization and be prepared to diagnose and personal adaptation to the conflict in the labor organization that for the current case of Venezuelan companies is an extremely significant development, business productivity. Arnold Tannebaum. On this topic said that the conflict between man and organization interested the social philosophers for some time. Precisely, one of the historical roots of this interest can be found in Rousseau, who considered that institutionalization was the destruction of the best and true nature of man.

Diamond Needle

Material leash may be different, but the essence is – pike should not he have a meal, and the tensile strength of the leash should not be substantially less than the breaking strength fishing line. The optimal length of the leash – 10-15 cm leashes more length, I do not see much sense, and throw them becomes uncomfortable. Keep leashes most convenient in case of a toothbrush. SUPPORT EQUIPMENT an accessory gear can include all, without which, in principle, catch can, but too inconvenient: boxes for lures zevnik, extractor, Cook (or stew), a knife, and most importantly – a fishing vest, in which everything is composed. And if you're going to catch big fish, then this should be added podsak and bagorik. Starting complete auxiliary equipment is best with a vest, then to try to box his pockets for lures, but it will be very hurt when bought a cool box for the spinners do not climb either in a pocket of his waistcoat. The more in your vest pockets – the better, because fishing them is never enough. Have to be a pocket on the back – there gets to the biggest box.

Vest is better to take the size of the two more – in the autumn it will have to wear a jacket or sweater, and we need him to freedom of movement. Cartons for baits in the early and may last one, but as the number of baits needed boxes for rotary spinners, for oscillating spinners for twisters to jig-heads, for foam fish, etc. The main thing, I repeat, that they were placed in the pockets of your vest. Zevnik and extractor needed to retrieve the bait from the jaws of predatory fish (Especially pike). Who once hurt his hand on schuchi teeth, knows how long to heal these wounds.

Instead, these two devices can use a medical clip (sold as stores 'Medtech'). Idea of the necessity Cook or fishpond usually comes during a frantic bite when you need to catch and catch and all ideas are aimed at, where do the fish do with it. In my opinion, fishpond acceptable if the fishing occurs on a small segment of the coast, and it is not every time they pull a new location. Mobile fishing more convenient to use several Kukanov with clasps, which are filling can leave and move further along the coast. (The main thing not to forget where I left …) Knife – better to have two knives: one – with a tool kit (screwdriver phillips, flat pliers, file, etc.), they now are inexpensive, and for the repair of the coil in the field – a nice thing, the second – just a triptych with a good blade – for cutting fish, bread, chopped, canned food etc. opened Diamond Needle file. Even the branded hooks after a while tupyatsya. The consequence of this can be very humiliating descent nezaseksheysya pike, whose dull hook is not broke jaws. Therefore, before fishing hooks hurt to check the sharpness of your baits, and if necessary, sharpen. (Check the sharpness of the hook can be as follows: Take the sting hook the nail of the thumb. If the hook slides over the nail, leaving no trace – it is uniquely dumb. Sharp hook moves with difficulty, and leaves a scratch.) Good luck!

International Union

2. THEORETICAL RECITAL the urban area is the process that better portraies the action human being on the environment. One notices that in the majority of the Brazilian cities the urbanization process occurred without adjusted planning, of intense form, without infrastructure and orientation. Had such reasons a planning becomes necessary of landscape, this means a challenge in the current days, therefore the increase of the population and industrialization have provoked drastic changes in the urban landscape. In this context, for IT HISSES, (2006).

' ' The cities need planning to grow with harmony. The commanded growth includes cares basic as the planned occupation of the ground, the rational exploration of the water, removal of streets, constructions of schools,, leisure and culture. Having this it serves to guarantee well-being of the people and to adjust the urban expansion in the environment. ' ' For DEMATT (1999), the Commission of Planning of the Environment of the International Union of Conservation of the Nature defines paisagstico planning as continuous process that if pledges in better making use for the humanity of an limited area of the terrestrial surface, conserving its productivity and beauty. In the intention of that it has agreement of the boarded subject and perceives it importance of a planning of the cities as for the conviviality of the man with the nature, one becomes necessary to know some concepts of urban green areas. For RASP et al. (1994) green areas are ' ' public spaces where it has predominance of arbrea vegetation englobando squares, gardens and parks urbanos' '. Of this form, it can be affirmed that the organization of the urban functions and the order of the use and the occupation of the ground urban have as objective: first; the good quality of life of the inhabitants and users of the city based on the principles; to follow, quality of the urban ambincia, easiness of mobility and co-responsibility in the management of the space.

Area Food

States, this global mobilization occurs now that famine has again become topical. Food prices have increased dramatically in the last year and due to hunger riots occur in different parts of the world. For La Via Campesina, the current food crisis is mainly due to speculation and the liberalisation of the market in the agricultural sector. Today, great traders of food are speculating about future food shortages and are prices going up artificially, thus creating hunger and increasing poverty. On the other hand, the continuing dismantling of State mechanisms (such as buffer stocks inventories shock absorbers and the import control) has stopped, in recent decades, to the countries in an extremely vulnerable position against the volatility of food prices. Members of Via Campesina peasant organizations and all their friends and allies mobilized, believe that sustainable agriculture and local food production can solve the current crisis. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jonas Samuelson and gain more knowledge.. All are willing to meet the analytical challenge.

com such adds about all this, that in the heat of these mobilizations expressed a persistent call for respect for human rights integral: civilians and politicians seriously violated by the repression exerted against the initiatives of rural development driven by own people in the field; and all economic, social and cultural rights overlooked in business and commercial vision of transnational corporations, as well as neo-liberal development plans thus both disregard not only the idiosyncrasies and vernacular cultures, but rather imposes his vision as the only feasible. These actions recover great importance for human survival, especially at a time in which debates on agriculture, marketing of transgenic agricultural products, patents and others, they are among the first points of the agenda of the meetings of the FTAA and the WTO, whose focus is geared rather towards generating policies that claim otherwise. The resistance actions and mobilizations have carried that international financial institutions are concerned because in all meetings carried out in different parts of the world, peoples manifested against its policies unjust, inhumane and mutually exclusive, says la Via Campesina, that invites the whole of society to globalize the struggle and globalize the hope. Eng. industrial, lawyer. (UC) (ITESM) Postgraduate master’s degree in management of companies mention markets, human resources; quality and productivity; Education Ph.d. in philosophy of education associate professor Faces UC graduate Area.