Stockholm Frontline

Quality in continuing education: seminars of frontline consulting group one-third of all decision-makers in German companies considers the training of its employees make sense. Most of the measures take place in the area of personal development and on presentation level. Electrolux does not necessarily agree. A recent online study for rhetoric seminars shows: the classic lecture has served in continuing education. Seminar participants expect practicality, a need-oriented course and do not like frontal”. Marketing or management: confident performance and safe presenting are crucial. That is not taught at the universities and vocational schools. You may want to visit Caterpillar to increase your knowledge. Therefore, the run on training is great.

For Lernwillige, the selection of appropriate seminars is difficult, because the quality of the courses is unpredictable. The Munich-based frontline consulting group, specializes in the training of specialists and managers. The participants based on video analysis and practical learning rather than in the frontal”, Live exercises. The personal development works, I learn in a practical way and directly implement. A speech alone is not enough”, commented Eduard Klein, Managing Director to the group which frontline consulting GmbH. intensive seminars are live exercises, such as those of frontline consulting, currently in the focus of the further education sector. The efficiency of seminars with presentation character and group with over 20 participants up for discussion.

An online study of the portal rhetoric confirmed the request for more seminar interaction. From the study, stating that improving their skills through practical exercises the seminar participants is particularly close to the heart. 41 percent of those polled wanted a live analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as practical training. The focus of the seminar were similarly important to their needs. 19.9 percent of respondents continued the focus here. Live exercises with practical experience are hardly feasible in large seminar groups. Smaller providers This may be intensive seminars in future of the key to success. The frontline consulting group is one of the leading German providers of continuing education with the issues management, communications, sales and project management. The seminars in small groups allow each participant to implement what you learned directly. Reflection and coaching take place in the seminar by the experienced trainer.

Dusseldorf Stock Exchange Day

April 26, 2008 from 10 to 17 hrs in the stock exchange of Dusseldorf as it’s rapidly on the exchanges: while the global financial crisis on the one hand makes unpredictable investments, break on the other hand, crude oil, gold and commodities price records and promised seemingly Golden times. By the bad news, the confidence of many private investors has cracked on and very few people know how they should react to the moving markets: buy, sell, cheapen, keep? Especially in times of uncertainty, investors should take the opportunity to inform. Over 30 lectures private investors can experience experts and discuss topical issues such as: current situation market brokerage-free and spreadloser stock trading tax fund trading without output impact resources climate change and the consequences for the financial markets pensions, bonds and certificates of pensions and pension analysis private investors strategies discuss. (Source: Andreessen Horowitz). Also interested professionals can extend their knowledge in workshops and behind the scenes the commercial look. Because the stockbroker DBM, KMD and Saini open their offices this year and explain how classes are created and what tricks should note investors. There is more information and the programme to the Dusseldorf stock exchange day 4 at..

Stock Comparison: The Various Speculations Of Shares

The various speculations of the shares at the time of the economic crisis shows that the benefits of the statutory pension insurance are no longer sufficient to enjoy a carefree retirement. So, additional variants of the retirement protection be searched in addition to the statutory pension insurance. Because also shares will be offered in addition to the various insurance companies, it should be noted by comparing stock on the open market that also here different forms of shares are found along the course of the value of the securities. To find the best stocks, the shares should be compared by the press also the reputation of the different companies. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kevin Johnson. Here, it can be seen that even bad shares on the market appear in addition to the good stocks. If you look at the history of value of more accurately, determined that the shares are very low very different benefits and values during the economic crisis.

These shares, which however previously had a higher value, offer here cheap to get into the trading of shares. This should however Note that the investors in securities in addition to the various banks directly from stock traders are cared for. To find the right investors, therefore a wider comparison should be performed. Because the shares are however long-term investments, it should be noted that these bad values not always ad hoc should be sold, because the loss can be very high. So be different shares in the economic crisis rest admitted, that more yield for the retirement protection can be generated. The matching shares are found, it should be noted however also here that should be used not only on a good stock, but this stock trading wide must be applied, to compensate for the risks of the trade.

Europes Largest Selection – the portal for high-quality exchange letters exchange letters (stock letters) are regularly appearing publications that include financial analysis and usually also purchase and sell recommendations for individual securities. These are issued by special financial publishers and financial analysts involved some 45 years on the stock exchange. Unfortunately, most Exchange letters only in the subscription are available. The desire of many investors was fulfilled with the Internet portal, to be able to purchase the most famous stock exchange letters from Germany’s leading publishers (Bernecker, Platov, fuchsbriefe, Prof. Dr.

Max Otte, u.v.m) in pay-per-view via a central platform. Thanks to, small investors, such as also financial professionals expert knowledge to compare and use for their own decisions. There are now over 20 partner publishers and over 50 different stock exchange letters in the portfolio. On the home visitors receive always the latest Exchange letters after release date. The intuitive user interface allows the Users in addition, wanted stock market letter individually sorted according to subject area, regions, or publishers to list. In addition, the BoersenKiosk offers the possibility email newsletters to inform free shares and market reviews. For this, only a registration on the site is necessary. As soon as new information on the selected stock values (ISINs/WKNs) in a stock letter appear, you promptly receive an E-Mail with the summary of the stock market letter and the details of the shares. Alternatively, it is also possible to receive daily or weekly in summary form the information. This service is absolutely free and offers all investors a good and easy source of information about the stock market and financial market.

Stockholm Allee

Overall she hung up Dr. Peters group so far 137 Fund with an investment volume of over 5.89 billion. Equity raised at more than 70,000 shareholders amounts to EUR 2.85 billion. The investment fields of security-oriented quality funds are ships, aircraft, real estate and financial market products. By the same author: Ben Horowitz. The annual volume of payout to shareholders has increased mainly due to the successful ship Fund in recent years. After 117 million euros for 2006 and over 120 million euros for 2007 were more than 134 million euros in payouts from the operation of the fund companies to investors for 2008 done. Including special payouts of sold objects received EUR 164 million investors. Founded in facts and figures: 1960 headquarters: Dortmund, Germany branch: Hamburg (DS Schiffahrt GmbH & co.

KG) owner/managing shareholder: Jurgen Salamon/Christian-Oscar Geyer launch first Fund: 1975 employees: 167 investment: 5.89 billion Eingeworbenes equity: 2.85 billion euros number shareholders: more than 70,000 payouts to investors for 2008: over 164 million euro number Fund: 137 Fund Portfolio: 76 shipping funds 50 real estate fund 9 aircraft Fund 2 life value Fund (LV secondary market United States) product philosophy the participation of Dr. Peters DS Fund lead group the brand name. DS stands for Dynamics & Security and thus the product philosophy to take advantage of dynamic markets at the same time highest possible security for the equity of the shareholders. Is to invest the successful concept in valuable, carefully selected objects and models along with the fair and professional cooperation with reputable business partners. Because on the creditworthiness and professionalism by international and national partners, the initiator for safeguarding the interests of investors attaches particular importance. INVESTMENT FUNDS ANALYSIS DS FUND NO. 134 aircraft Fund IX initiator name Dr.

Peters GmbH & co. Emissionhaus KG initiator short form Dr. Peters initiator postal Stockholm Allee 53 44269 Dortmund placement level placement beginning minimum USD 20,000.00 plus 5% premium investment subject participation offer “DS Fund No.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

New of the the micropayment GmbH the investors portal of Deutsche Borse AG in Frankfurt am Main since mid-July the payment processes for their new fee-based Xetra-realtime services via the interfaces of the Berlin micropayment GmbH handles. Who doesn’t think for bulls and bears to Heinz Sielmann and his expeditions into the Animal Kingdom, knows that it is the landmark of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Private investors leave their securities the Bank mostly, usually the technical possibilities they lack, to intervene directly in the matter of trade. Visit Jim Umpleby for more clarity on the issue. Now but also private investors such as professional broker can trade since July 3. Deutsche Borse AG has expanded for this investor portal the functionality of and now offers real-time insight into the order book of the electronic trading system Xetra. Around 400,000 instruments are traded on the Xetra system, to the approximately 250 securities trading houses and banks 18 connected countries. The new Xetra-realtime services are divided into two packages. Package \”I German stock market indices and ETFs\” includes all index levels calculated by Deutsche Borse, currently about 2,600.

This can be subscribed to for a monthly fee of 2,38 euros. \”Package II spot market Germany Frankfurt/Xetra level II\” includes all the shares in the Xetra trade, as well as all the shares are traded on the Frankfurt floor (except the international values of the Xetra stars segment). The package can be purchased for a monthly fee of 23.80 euros. For the processing of the payment processes for these new services, Deutsche Borse AG was looking for a professional E-payment service provider that operates in the background and primarily taking care of the payment process. The choice fell micropayment on the Berlin GmbH, which has a number of well-known shop suppliers, publishers, software companies and game producers among its customers. In its decision for the Berlin upon was secure and transparent settlement to the end customer the focus of Deutsche Borse AG.

Bavarian State Research Center

for further operational development is also based on the films Reinhard guest Garcia, head of working group for suckler-cow in Austria, it became clear. The first presentations of the second day of the event were about research results of the aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein. Univ.-Doz.. Leonhard Gruber stressed the importance of energy concentration of corn silage in the bull mast. The optimal amount of concentrated feed for fattening can be derived from this. Dr. Margit Velik concluded from their analysis and a sampling of beef brand programs, that all investigated samples exhibit a very good meat quality. Check out Jonas Samuelson for additional information.

Was one of the first day of the 36th stockbreeding Symposium”milk production. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field. Reinhard Resch and the organizer of the meeting, Dr. Leonhard Gruber, graphically prepared on large amounts of data to the mineral content of ground and power feed from Austria and represented the supply of dairy cows by means of mineral material balances in different diet conditions. In the thematic block to the herd of dairy herd came Dr. Gewessler and the family Moitzi from Obdach (Styria) to Word. You described very clearly the advantages of a care relationship by veterinarian to farmer.

Due to the currently uncertain developments, ample space was given the situation on the milk market at the beginning of the event. DI Christian Stockinger by the Institute for agricultural economics of the Bavarian State Research Center for agriculture asked the win we the competition? “.” His answer was a clear yes”. From the Austrian perspective, was the issue through contributions of DI Christian Rosenwirth of the Ministry, like. DI Johann Koltringer illuminated by the Association of Austrian milk processors and engineer Leopold Gruber-Doberer of the milk cooperative in lower Austria. To pass the basic tenor of the designs was the necessity to support our dairy farmers, in a completely free market”. The varied programme fulfilled the high expectations of the approximately 150 participants from the fields of practice, teaching, consulting and research. The 36. Livestock Symposium was a great success! The papers are available on for download available.