Strategical Marketing

After Sales Many of us we are accustomed to buy a product or service and not to have no return when we finish to pay it. The companies had not yet perceived that this is the biggest error that is committing, when only thinks about the sales and if they forget it after-sales. A customer who is surprised by a phone call of the company where made a purchase, asking to it if the acquired product is pleasing to it, he will clearly be surpreso with this attitude and when it will be to buy another product it will go first in this company before going to the other. But after-sales are not only to bind for its customers when it finishes to make a purchase, after-sales are much more that this. We can enumerate innumerable factors that are part of after-sales that generate resulted for a company as, for example: – good attendance; – to offer to products of quality and confidence; – never to deceive its customer; – to have always time to hear its customers; – he is always intent the claims of the customers; – to try always to fulfill with the agreement made with its customer; innumerable other examples for good after-sales.

The important one is always to perceive that good after-sales beyond it to generate gratuitous advertising also can generate it next sales. If you have a company and you do not possess after-sales you are important to think about starting to implant in its business. After-sales are not expensive and nor cost for the company must be considered. The after-sales with passing of the time go to make with that its customer if becomes fidiciary office and thus will pay its investment made in the implantation of the after-sales. Then he does not lose time in implanting after-sales in its business or then you will be losing time and money. Amadeu Barroso Grandson is formed in Marketing and Communication, possesss a MBA in Strategical Marketing and Communication and currently is marketing analyst. Email: