Trade With Agricultural Commodities

Ceros pattern offers interesting opportunity for diversification for stock exchange Legend Jim Rogers raw materials include the world’s most attractive markets. Can be found in the environment of constantly rotating stock prices and in contrast to the in-God-we trust risk”investors in government bonds are currently delivered in the commodities sector clearly comprehensible prices of real values. Who would like to diversify its portfolio wider, to the performance of more of the ‘ standard markets to solve, will find the Ceros pattern Vermogensverwaltung AG. The Frankfurt-based company offers customers a managed account in which futures are traded on meats and grains. Please visit Douglas R. Oberhelman if you seek more information. Trading advisor for this managed account by Ceros pattern is with the Rosetta capital management a team of absolute specialist in this field: Jim Green and Michael Swinford can not only its decades of experience in dealing with futures contracts, for example, when Rosenthal Collins Group on the scale plate. Both have grown up with agriculture and know the profession from scratch. With the ‘ Rosetta trading program benefit investors on a strategy that is more than ten years and offers a solid way to participate in the market for agricultural commodities. Grain, soybeans, cattle, and hogs will be traded.

The market valuation is fundamentally based on development reports, information from producers and consumers. Technical analysis is used only as a tactical overlay. The investment decisions are discretionary based on the more than 30-year market expertise of the two managers. “Approach, which envisages, at the same time long used a spread-trading” and short “to invest in different maturity of the same agricultural commodity contracts. Goal is to take the difference of the different contract development, affecting, for example, due to weather influences results in the harvest, to changing production conditions or seasons to different due to supply and demand.

The minimum investment in this managed accounts by Ceros pattern is $ 50,000, with the accounting in all currencies, so can be made in euro. The successful history of the Rosetta trading program alone is already reason to enough to arouse the interest of investors. But also the diversification that makes possible Ceros pattern with this managed account for investment portfolios is not less interesting. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, but can the correct conventional securities Spices lend and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

Reducing Costs

In a state of uncertainty about prospects for the business owner often has to go to lower operating costs. This happens not only because of the decline in production or sales, but also because impossibility of planning. The head can not predict the revenues of future periods and prefer to save today. Due to the fact that in recent years, labor costs greatly increased and the cost of staff occupy a large share of the cost of goods or services, companies are trying, first, to reduce the staff of non-core units. Based on statistics on imports and exports, it can be argued that in recent years has increased the number of companies engaged in foreign trade operations on an irregular basis. For such companies include foreign economic department in the face of economic uncertainty – Is not highly relevant. Existence of its own experts on foreign trade in economic growth was to some extent exponent in the relationship with a foreign partner. In many, even small company builds the scheme of foreign trade transactions with the division into departments of purchasing, logistics, customs clearance.

Now the first step beyond economic efficiency. In this regard, Many companies carry such non-core activity as fea to outsourcing. A lot of the prerequisites for this creates and the general decline in foreign trade. Many economic structures has been a sharp decline foreign trade, making the presence of their own divisions on foreign trade unprofitable. This led to frequent cases of dissolution before the effective units. Thus, we see that the crisis has aggravated the need for more balanced decision-making organizational policy business.

If you are facing a choice of one's own department or refer to the outsourcing company, try analyze the maximum number of influencing factors.

LED Luminous Ice

The student company D-ice. S.C. the Fontys College in Venlo sells LED ice cubes for polar bears in need. “” The D-ice. S.C.

student business was within the framework of the one-year project mini company”the Fontys Internationale Hogeschool Economie in Venlo 13 students from the study international business economics” and international marketing “founded in September 2009. It aims to implement the learned theoretical knowledge into practice and to market their own products to sell. The entire project mini company”by the organisation Jong Ondernemen”, an initiative of ABN AMRO Bank, supports. Is no limits to the creativity of the students in the product process. The company D-ice. S.C.

decided after intense market research, LED to market ice cubes and to sell. But not the own profit stands in the foreground. The proceeds generated from the one-year period of the project will be donated to help the WWF to the Habitat Conservation of polar bears. The so-called D-ice Cubes”are plastic cubes in ice cube tray, which include a cooling gel and three LEDs in the colours red, green and blue. Before using the LED be given ice cubes in the freezer and refrigerated 1-2 hours. The gel provides sufficient cooling of drinks and cocktails. Big advantage is that the taste is not diluted, as in conventional ice cubes. The colour representation can be a button on the D-ice cube”adjust individually, giving the beverage in addition an optical highlight which gives a special note to each party. The LED ice cubes are waterproof and designed for a sustainable use. “” The young student companies D-ice. S.C. sold the LED ice cubes D-ice cube “via the online shop on the Web page ( in a set of 4 D-ice cube” at a price of 5.99 Euro. D ice. S.C. will be represented on various Christmas markets, such as on the special Christmas market at the airport Weeze (18.12.2010 till 19.12.2010), where the mini companies of the Fontys Venlo are at the Center. “” We have so far a high resonance for our LED ice cubes D-ice cube “on the Christmas markets noted”, so Michael Goeres, managing the student company. “We are optimistic to increase the sales and thus also the proceeds from donations for the WWF – in the coming fiscal year.” D ice. S.C. Hulsterweg 2-6 5912 PL Venlo Netherlands


The year 2012 it is the year of the disaster, many things seem to converge at this point, the pyramids of Egypt with this annotated date inside one of them, the prophecies of nostradamus and others.All this is a mockery of common sense, we see things as they actually occur, within 2 years could disappear the life on Earth, is true, is very unlikely but can occur, can collide a massive extrasolar object and produce a disaster of similar magnitude to that extinct dinosaurs, result: the Earth after a time of regenerates and the human race wanes significantly or extinguisheswell it’s something undesirable, but the truth is that since thousands of years ago human beings are dying, normally not massively except a big war, but if more or less naturally, change theories, the way of life, to see life, behold the beauty, the economy, life expectancy and even change reality if we admit that all look at it from a temporal-limitada perspective and it does not seem that this worry us much, rather than nothing because it occurs gradually, neither seems to worry us the most minimum part of Earth history that humans did not exist and simply there was no humanity, something akin to the worst of the doomsday scenarios, less evil than any Ironman I contemplate such atrocity a land without human beings, we can imagine however that the human race is gone, it is a concern that put us above the Earth, the solar system, the Galaxy and the universe in its infinite and immeasurable entirety, wow nobody seems to fear that the universe have a purpose?

Humans is a specialist in survival, for the purpose and within the purpose of evolution is to exit all in one way or another, and doesn’t seem to have concerns more beyond her own navel, as the end of the world, a concern fed by interests with selfish basis, would not be more liberating and closer to the truth to contemplate reality from a perspective of others to the man? especially when a total destruction of the terrestrial globe alinearia all species that inhabit it and It would have repercussions on the rest of the solar system, but none of this speaks not nostradamus nor the Mayans nor anyone else, all are concerned themselves, a little bit suspicious isn’t it? is perhaps the man located in a tiny solar system in the outskirts of a small Galaxy of a somewhat important perhaps infinite universe? or rather it is something that is given much importance. Douglas R. Oberhelman describes an additional similar source. Are not we situandonos as Center of the universe? do if algundia discovered that millions of years distance light there’s a way organic of intelligent life will continue to feel the center of the universe? an appointment that I just heard says that if all the insects disappeared Earth all forms of life also would die in about 50 years, however if the man disappeared all forms of life floreceria in less than 50 years fortunately we are the center of the universe because if not we would have swept..