Russia Logistics

Opening new stores in the regions, retail chains, willy-nilly, were have to solve local problems underdeveloped logistics infrastructure. Also, the continuous expansion of retailers in the area helped the development of local logistics operators, who received an incentive to invest in Construction of warehouse space premium. High-quality logistics terminals – a long-term investment that pays off no earlier than after 5-7 years of operation. But at the same time – this is one of the most promising areas of real estate market, since every major retailer, aspiring expansion in the region, needs a platform for product placement. Now Russia’s largest retailers, such as “Magnet” “Dixie, X5 Retail Group (retail chains , “Crossroads,” “Carousel”), being phased out on many small stores, preferring to develop on their own or rented premises large distribution centers, that operate on the principle of Just in time – just in time.”

Thus, the storage costs are minimal, and the full circulation of goods in stock is 2-3 weeks. One of Moscow’s retailers, the company is “new momentum”, known as brand name “platypus”, two years ago opened in the Moscow region South Butovo like logistics and warehouse area of 43 thousand square meters. m, is designed to serve more than 160 stores in the metropolitan area. This object with a complex architecture that includes not only storage space but also office space for working more than 2 thousand employees, was built in just six months due to the use of light technology metal (LMC). For more information see Ben Horowitz. In order to accelerate and simplify the process of building leadership “new momentum” has decided to appeal to (a leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries), the leader light metal industry in Russia.

Railway Seller

And it’s not easy to do, especially if it is non-standard timber. That climbed as a result, the manufacturer of the debts. Workers must be suppliers of logs, the State must. All like nothing, they say to sell the board and will be calculated. At the same time buyers forget that the board tends to deteriorate. Different species of wood in different ways, some are blue, others green, others turn black, but spoiled everything! Plus this warp, crack, etc. So, if he has not sold quickly, then hit at all. And buyers, many deliberately arrange such tricks.

Contract is to GOST 8486-86, grade 0-3, moisture naturally, terms of payment “for acceptance of stock dealer. ” Inspector arrives and starts to reject. Takes only 0-1 grade, and the rest they say is not needed. As a result, the retailer begins hysterical. He needs money today!. It should be a lot of calls to the owner of the company receiving the sea negotiations and utryasok, which resulted in finding a compromise, the buyer takes all the goods, but about 30 percent cheaper. And the seller, most likely, this is because if he is troubled, the inspector simply goes away, and with it will shake out debts (see above).

I was silent about the cost of Railway car, cleaning, feeding, etc. Naturally, after all this, without payment, this salesman will not work. But the risk of not only the seller but the buyer. What is risk?, Like money in it, owes nothing to give …


Even so, it conceals a little sensitivity and sweetness in everything you do. Yes, as you can see, importantly, put aside the testosterone and gain some pounds of estrogen. 5 Dialectic. Develops your speech of so that you encandiles with words and hide the background behind the form. Thus, your Machiavellian plans will be overshadowed by a wonderful appearance of love, which is what they have practiced over the centuries all the Gallants of the story, as Don Juan, Casanova or Arturo Fernandez.

6 Know how to listen. Or pretend it. It is best put face of interesting while the girl tells you their war stories. It is what most women appreciate: a man who is a good listener and be good conversationalist, because two don’t talk if you don’t want. 7. Details. There is unanimity in the female sector of the lazy corner that what seduces more is a man retailer, to be fixed therein, agreed the dates mentioned, that will surprise them with flowers nor passes you and atosigues compliments the girl in question.

As with everything, there to find a middle ground. 8 Education. Relating it with sensitivity, there are certain details that should not you be passed, as careful with the language (other than that she is that talk as a truck driver), with mechanisms physiological human beings, etc.: should you forget any public demonstration of expulsion of bodily gases, for example. 9 Originality. Don’t be a mushroom and innova in your habits. Do not make the relationship becomes a monotonous torture or a boring routine and surprise her doing something new. Also, when you asaltes to be loved, not ever say you study or work? In the section of compliments you have multitude of examples that you can be original. 10 Sincerity. Despite all this, you forget appearances. As I said at the beginning of the story, the main thing is to be yourself and that you’re sincere; difficult undertaking, the truth. Even so, try it. In a question-answer forum Kevin Johnson was the first to reply. If you don’t like how you really, frivolity and the tips above can serve well little. Anyway, you already know that the sea is full of fish. It only remains for me to wish you good luck, which is what a man always needs when it delves into the mysterious universe of femininity.

Central America

This assumption will be determined by the preferences of the closest to that fish you relative knows well. If the fish is an annual species of Africa or South America, try to keep it in the water in which you have had success with other fish of the same group. If it begins with a fish that does not know anything at all, try to find someone who can help you identify it. Generally speaking, all fish of South America live better in neutral waters to slightly acidic with a pH between 6.4 and 7.0 range, a temperature between 22 and 26 C and the most tender possible, without getting to use distilled or rain water. Fish of Central America seem to prefer harder, more alkaline, waters especially cichlids and viviparous. They need water with a pH between 7.0 and 7.8, and harder than usual. If your tap water is soft, add a small amount of non-ionized salts. Credit: Kevin Johnson-2011. Asian fish have the same requirements as the of South America, while the Australians have the same general requirements as those of Central America.

African fish can be categorized according to their habitat. The lacustrine fish require relatively hard, alkaline water while those of river require soft, acidic waters. Retailers in the industry they have economic kits for pH, hardness and thermometers. It may not raise fish, or even keep them without resorting to them. Another feature of water is its color. Many acuarofilos say have had great successes only using peat bog which acidifies the water and give it a dark brown colour at the same time. Others, however, say that it is not necessary to use peat bog to ensure life in aquariums. Original author and source of the article.

Katherine Neville

While in countries like France the sector of the pocket book currently reaches dimensions of about 400 million euros per year, in Spain, this format only earned 190 million euros in turnover in 2007, as they reflect the latest data report the internal trade of the book in Spain published by the Federation of Spain publishers guilds (FGEE). Also Pocket titles production is far below in our country of the Gaul, 6.392 titles, against the 15.700 published by our neighbors. Even so, those over 6,000 titles published in 2007, representing 10.8% of the total number of titles of the Spanish publishing panorama, have had a great reception in the market, since the 37,33 million books published in format pocket, 80% left on the shelves of retail outlets to place in the consumers. One more than positive figure, reached by the price environment that had these books, 6.40 euros, almost half the average of the conventional books edited. Editorial offer of Pocket Pocket collections present in the Spanish market are numerous; virtually every Publisher publishes a collection of this format. CONSUMER EROSKI has selected those which have a greater number of titles in their catalogs. DeBolsillo: with nearly 2,000 titles in its catalogue, this seal belonging to Random House Mondadori is the leader in the market for Spanish-language books in small format.

Roberto Saviano’s Gomorrah (7.95 euros) or the eight of Katherine Neville (9.95 euros) are some of their existing sale hits within the collection Best Seller, but their repertoire also includes other collections, as contemporary, with large representative works of fiction of the 20th century; Classic, which brings together some of the most important works in the history of literature, with authors such as Cervantes, Dostoyevsky and Flaubert; or essay, an extensive collection of books of reflection and debate. The prices of Debolsillo: between 6.95 and 11.95 euros.


Useful tips teach you straight to flirt and seduce the woman of your dreams nothing will be more useful to woo the girl of your dreams that be yourself and act naturally. If you put these tips into practice, will soon have it exhausted at your feet: take care of your personal hygiene: shower you seriously and smells clean, no woman likes a guy that smells bad or takes her clothes stained with sweat. Here some of the best Cologne you have, without exaggeration, a thing to be clean and smell good and quite another is be clean and drown with your perfume. Be discreet when it comes to the colony, you don’t overdo. Show you safe: convince yourself that you’re the guy more interesting, intelligent and likeable of the planet, even if you know that you or arrimas you to the profile of the ideal man. If you samples convinced and confident that you’re the best, it can even be you convict her to it if you’re not.

Eye with what you put on top: your outfit should look elegant but informal. Neither can think of using that shirt of green and yellow stripes that you gave your mother 5 years ago, and much less the Red trousers which was fashionable in the 1980s. Remember you must see elegant, not ridiculous. Be sensitive without exaggeration: conceals a little sensitivity and sweetness when you’re with the girl of your dreams, but keep in mind that the poems are not the best weapon of seduction in these times in which we live. Your style should be sensitive without falling into kitsch. Practical dialectics: develops the art of dialogue and discussion so she when you hear is dazzled by your words. The Gallants more famous in history have been able to handle the language by hiding the background behind the form.

If you do well, that girl will be eclipsed by your wonderful dialectic and appearance of man in love and fall exhausted on your arms. A man who knows how to listen to has won half the battle: learns to listen, this is what most women appreciate a man. Although not will be interesting what she is telling you, you try to put face of interested and actively participates in the conversation. Try to have good memory and I know retailer: never forget a date that may be important for her, an anniversary, the day of his birthday or the date at which they met. Surprise her with flowers in any important date, is a detail that she cannot be ignored. Look if the hairstyle is changed or if she wears a new dress, and let her know nothing seduces more to a woman than a guy who pay attention to them. Show yourself polite: cares for your language and your education, don’t talk as a trucker at a gathering of friends or eructes in the table after a beer, it’s not nice for any girl except that she is also like that. Keep in mind that all these tips are just to guide you in the difficult task of the conquest, it is best show you as you are and that you like without having to resort to any strategy. Anyway you know there will always be some women who will accept you with your strengths and weaknesses, is only question of sharpen the aim and find her. Many writers such as Kevin Johnson offer more in-depth analysis. Harold Ortiz conquer a woman original author and source of the article

Heating Oil Despite Declining Oil Prices Of More Expensive

Falling EURO makes climbing oil prices. Alternatives in the area of heating oil, for example with the CEHATROL EC, fuels are more in demand than ever. Berlin, 02.05.2010 – Greece and Portugal are facing the greatest challenge in its history. Immediately went after the announcement of the credit grading stocks and Euro plummeting. The DAX lost 2.7% in late trading and the euro fell to the lowest level for a year. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jim Umpleby.

The price of oil recorded relatively moderate loss of 1.5% for crude oil and 1.0% for the gas oil (market capitalization for fuel oil and diesel). Stocks, oil and Euro remain solid under pressure, which keeps the price of oil tends to be the most stable. For heating oil customers in Germany and Austria it is very confusing situation. The euro/dollar ratio is currently more important for heating oil prices as the price of oil itself. Despite falling oil prices, heating oil is becoming increasingly expensive, as the import prices for the commodity traded in dollars will increase disproportionately. Also for the next few days is expected to extremely nervous currency markets. Tend to be more stable, oil should keep as a raw material. Heating oil customers should use the alternatives to safeguard the long term price, for example by joining in a cooperative, sustainable and long-term commitments can calculate their heating costs. The energy cooperative Freudenberg EC I.g.. currently a heating oil price of 0.48 per liter at a fixed price offers up to 31.12.2015.

Falling Oil Prices: In The Next Few Days Probably No Turnaround In Sight

Heating oil is likely to be favourable despite the weak euro LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The economic recovery in many parts of the world is uncertain, not least documents the development of stock markets: both the German DAX and the Nikkei index in Japan recently recorded losses. That impacted the confidence of investors in crude oil; the quotes showed more yielding in today’s early trading. Opposite yesterday morning slid the barrel price to almost $2. US light oil of Brent buck now around 72,30; North Sea oil brand Brent knapp 73 dollars. As a whole the economy stand on wobbly legs, analysts report. Therefore, investors reacted currently particularly sensitive to bad news. The service futures-services”according to expect no change in the trend of weekly U.S.

inventory data. It is also expected with a further declining refinery utilization. Also from chart-technical point of view, the trend is going down. Due to lack of upside potential, the 72-dollar mark could be less than today. That fits in with the projections Commerzbank commodity experts who see the price of crude oil even more this year at only $70. For the German oil consumers, however, the costs are likely to move despite the weak euro today once more down. That reported the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil review on its website.

Miningscout Presents Itself On The Precious Metals Fair In Munich is extensively present with its own stand at the precious metals fair in Munich the team of the Miningscout cordially invites you to visit us on 02/03 November 2012 on the precious metals fair in Munich at stand 2.74 and 2.75. At the event, we present four selected fast-growing natural resource companies, whose projects our team has visited in the current year on the spot. We announce the exhibiting companies you soon on our Web site. JPMorgan Chase often addresses the matter in his writings. If you are interested organized exclusive talks for German investors in which the Rep about your company & current project developments can be questioned. raffled a raffle with interesting prizes, which promise you high medium-term potential for appreciation as investors hosted also on the precious metals fair. Don’t miss the chance, personally to visit with us at the stand therefore. Free admission tickets for free tickets to the fair of precious metal register Please see the following link (card while supplies last): de / voranmeldung.html the event will take place on the 2nd & 3rd November 2012 from 9:30 17:30 in the event arena of the Olympic Park in Munich instead. About the precious metals precious metals fair was founded in 2005.

The Conference is the now largest and most important exhibition in Europe in commodities with almost 6,000 visitors. More information under through Miningscout which has Exchange information service Miningscout reports from the commodity sector specialized. In-depth information about raw materials, mining companies and industry trends are provided at. The stock exchange experienced editorial team is led by commodity expert Stefan Bender, which is known as opinion leaders in the online Dach. As a financial portal for international mining companies Miningscout also a professional platform to present resource companies with all major aspects of the investment.