The process to know the pupil is not a prescription that must be followed in all the institutions, as cites Escaraboto (2007, p.134), ' ' Prescription does not exist formula nor, therefore, as well as each child is only, each school also it will be, and what it is applied to a reality it can be inefficient outra.' ' Each child has its way and time of if adapting and knowing a place new, we are different only beings e. Here it is that then I see my mother again that to search came me in the day-care center. I was very happy. My mother took me for the service it together with she left and me in one I sing of the secretariat drawing. Certainly it is not alone the child who is anxious, but the parents also. He is difficult when a father sees its son crying and crying out so that it comes back, however the parents must understand that it is a process that occurs with some in a shorter period, more with other children requires more time. Another important fact that Barreto, Silva and Melo cite (2009, p.03) ' ' At this moment the aid of the parents is basic, is important that when I cry seeing it of the son has not taken it in return for house, therefore acting in this way will go to draw out the adaptation process still more, another important aspect also is to come to search it in the school in the schedule combinado.' ' Of certain form, the reason is necessary to know which that the child is crying, if is because really it was not adaptou with the school, or if something is common that it is party to suit of adaptation. It also has, cases of parents who forget the children in the school, and thus, they had created an irreparable trauma in the life school of the child.


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Flotation Machine

The characteristics of the physical gold beneficiation machine include the advanced separation efficiency and its enormous flexibility. The machine separates paramagnetic and low magnetic mineral of up to 3 mm particle size in a wet separation process with magnetic field strengths of up to 15,000 Gauss. The main area of application of the impact crusher is the enrichment of hematite iron ores as well as the extraction of heavy mineral sands and the separation of impurities with throughput rates of between 6t/h and 200t /. The flotation machine with the advantages of high concentration ratio, high recovery ratio, low cost and easy to control is suitable for dealing with the fine particles. Through several years research and development, the flotation machine has been widely accepted by all around the world to separate various ores and coal. Learn more at this site: Kevin Johnson. The flotation machine with new structure, unique design and high efficiency has risen up recently. The main task in the future is still the flotation bubble generator, ore pulp, flowing of the bubble, electric auto controlling and the high mathematical model.

The main methods of this separating machine the adjustment of particles, adjustment of bubbles and improvement of drug. It has been aroused high attention to use the floatation roll with the mix of various flow regimes of force multi field (centrifugal force field, magnetic field and electric field) to improve the adjustment of materials (including specific gravity and the particle sizes). The upsurge of the research and application to flotation machine has been left without anybody to care since 1970s. Since the number of refractory ores in our country is to remove large, and the contradiction between the ore dressing equipment and the separating technology is outstanding (the technology in the beneficiation and the beneficiation craft is advanced in the domestic reagent), with the flotation column being the most promising equipment, people should pay more attention to the follow-up study to surpass the advanced level of the world and do research the equipment adjusting to the characteristics of resources in our country.

Eduardo Cabau

Psychotherapy allows you to train and develop the I observer, by way of critical consciousness. Read what was written, makes it possible to observe our patterns of thought. 2. Helps acquire and retrieve information. Therefore, it serves to fill gaps in dissociation (think, feel and do loosely) that all patient presents. 3 We know that writing is a much slower process that think or speak, so we force that every idea to be processed further, producing a greater connection with oneself.

4. One of the goals of psychotherapy is to make aware (manifest material), the unconscious (latent material). As well, when we write our experiences, we are identifying manifesto of the same (it is the conscious, rational and descriptive phase); but at the same time, by writing them, the thoughts are still threats to take specific forms, resulting in much easier its understanding and further therapeutic processing (access to latent material). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sergey Brin. 5. Reade Griffith is full of insight into the issues. In the form of confessional writing, where it is written focusing a particular problem, according to Dr.

Pennebaker (1997) people think differently after writing about trauma. Translating the experiences to human language, they begin to structure and organize, which seem to be endless facets of the incredible facts. 6 Lets you gain self-awareness and self-knowledge. We learn to express what we feel and feel what we express. 7 Serves to change patterns of thought, with which we are working on another objective from psychotherapy: mobility of roles and ideologies. 8. In the story therapeutic modality, allows the subject to have its own voice and acquires an identity. Writing a story with happy or positive end, allows recover again the road to autonomy, towards their own freedom and therefore, to find new projects in life. It facilitates symbolic redress. 9 There is a mode of writing, which I call the therapeutic letter that I will develop in another post. It is a very useful tool to restore communication between people. Finally, I dedicate these last lines by its importance, at first written material that request and that is called the autobiography. Explained them, that that document is the starting point towards change and while it is true, that we can again start the script of our life, what we can do, is work on the consequences of the same and change its ending. I say, that it is making the best of his life the next 50 years. The slogan that I teach, to the request of the autobiography It is the following: bring me writing in a maximum of 15 sheets your autobiography, with those events you consider significant, pleasant or unpleasant and you consider that I should know. This document is an excellent road map, to plot the paths where the therapeutic process just begun must go.


They should make towards optimal identification in their relationships with the human factor that accompanies it, in the exercise of their duties, functions and activities. We share with those institutions that indicated that the business environment poses new challenges that involve adaptation to change, globalization and competitiveness, and this requires: The administrator of this knowledge to properly handle modern management topics required to be competitive ensuring the fulfillment of the mission, vision of business in the current scenarios in which it operates. Have a comprehensive education with high ethical and professional principles. The Administrator will have the capacity and ability to identify problems and present alternative solutions with adequate use of human, material, technical and financial resources available to the organization, implementing and providing plans, strategies, advanced to thereby provide services and / or quality products to the customer. Be working as a consultant and adviser on organizational business processes. Manage the company in terms of market globalization. Develop new business strategies adapted to change. Venezuelan company more professional and prepared to compete in the international and national context.

Align the organizational culture to an environment of openness and competitiveness. To exercise the profession with social responsibility in an ethical framework Lead multidisciplinary teams to achieve organizational objectives. Seizing the opportunities that international treaties, alliances, generate economic openings. Analyze, design, implement and evaluate administrative systems and quality programs, coordinating the efforts of the human factor Work in a balanced, coordinated and visionary within the internal and external context of organizations. Knowing how to interpret the changes opportunities, threats, weaknesses of the current scenarios.

Identify opportunities and devise creative and innovative strategies for organizations in the national and international context. Promoting business relationships nationally and internationally. Interpret, properly handle the Internet, new computer technologies. Manage international languages that will encourage contacts in its exercise. Participate in events management and organization to promote development. prevent, detect and correct errors and biases in administrative procedures and propose solutions. Staying current on modern management skills, knowing use existing tools that provides administrative science in favor of a production management. Integrate with the policies of the government’s economic program in which they operate. Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams. Innovating the right organizational climate to organizational behavior consonant to an organizational culture to interpret the requirements of new technologies. Promote the exchange and development of social organization. Diagnose and demonstrate administrative deviations of preventive and corrective.