Abdesslam Baraka

Neither politicians, who they see as their margin of action will undermine, as well as his vision for the future. Neither peoples, who feel abandoned to their fate in the name of a gone bad economic ideology that calls for the law of the strongest. Looks some confused and exhausted, another indifferent and apathetic. In my opinion, this is the framework where you have to look for the causes, not the financial crisis, but the string of crises afflicting the world today. Ensure governance through restructuring of States and their capacity to adapt to today’s challenges. There is no turning back. You will have to think again about the concept of State sovereignty, dealing with globalization, with the Gigantism of the enterprises and establishing an international legal order that put order, ethics and justice in international relations.

Governments will need to rid of obsolete structures of Administration to provide agile and intelligent instruments that will ensure the accountability, transparency and communication. The task may seem impossible if we lose of view that the objective is the well-being of peoples, their development, their security, in the broadest sense of the word and its development, the expansion of individual and collective freedoms can constitute, by itself, a solid barrier against abuses and extremism of every kind and contribute to regulate a situation that becomes unsustainable for all. The solution to our problems is not in the witch hunt, which not a few voices are calling for, but on the wisdom of the peoples who will have to listen to and you will need to rebuild a relationship that will allow a more effective participation in the task of Government. Will we know to cope with seizures that characterize the processes of transition? In the case that concerns us, it would not seek a delivery of control between two systems of Government but of the ability to link in a responsible and calm with a new era. Abdesslam Baraka former Minister and former Ambassador of Morocco in Spain original author and source of the article.