Across Language Server V5 SP1 Available

Across is continuing to controlled processes in translation management. Among others, ability to integrate of machine translation is seamlessly integrated. KARLOVY VARY. After the release of a large service pack is the across language server in version v5 SP1 available now. The across language server is a central platform for all language resources and translation processes within the company.

In addition to a variety of improvements in detail, for example, the support of documents from Office 2010, the Service Pack introduces a number of fundamentally new capabilities and ways of working. These concern in particular the areas of project management, machine translation, crowdsourcing, and author support. The new possibilities with across v5 SP1 access current trends in language technology, without abandoning the central concept of controlled processes and open interfaces. With this clear orientation of its solutions across has won a variety of prominent new customers in the last few months, last in particular from the fields of finance and Medical technology/pharmaceutical industry. Optional Web-based translation workflow in hardly any other area is so decentralized worked as in the localization of product and corporate communication. A multitude of different internal and external parties are involved, for example, project managers, in-house translators, language service providers, freelancers, and proofreaders. With the new version of across can be worked now completely Web-based.

This includes in particular the project and workflow management in addition to the translation and editing. The respective agent so requires no separate installation of the across software, but can work on its Web browser as a client on the respective language server. This simplifies continuous processes and client/server based work across all workflow steps and delegation levels despite distributed locations. Optional crowdsourcing crowdsourcing was in the last few months, one of the most quoted buzzwords in the localization industry. Referring to the tender of translation jobs to a “crowd” by editors rather than to place the orders directly to individuals.