Administrator Certificate

Option 1; To constitute we ourself the society: in such case these are the steps that we will have to follow: 1. – To solicit before the Central Mercantile Registry, the social denomination, (3 names are asked for), after 15 working days of delay 2 possibilities are possible: – the Central Mercantile Registry accepts one of the three denomination that You have solicitd. – the Central Mercantile Registry denies the 3 asked for denominations. This permission or refusal will arrive to him is: * By mail certificate * By mail * By mail against reimbursement to *Consultar page of the central Mercantile registry: 2. – Deposit of the Share capital in a banking organization (minimum legal demanded 3,006, 00 to, ) and request of the certificate of contribution of this capital, contributing to the Bank the Certificate sent by the Central Mercantile Registry to be able abrir an account of company in constitution. 3 – Elaboration of the Social Statutes. * In this page you will find several models of perfectly valid statutes: 4.

– With the banking certificate, the social certificate of denomination and statutes already hour in Notary’s office can be asked. 5 – Company/signature of the writing of constitution before the Notary. 6 – With the constitution writing Provisional request Model 036 of CIF in the delegation of Property appears that corresponds to him by social address of the company unless you ask for UD by telephone Previous APPOINTMENT in the delegation of its pleasure. It is had to contribute properly complimented the following Folios of Model 036: * Folio 1, * Folio 2B, * Folio 3, * Folio 8 This document has to be: – Signed by the Administrator of the company – To contribute as well as photocopies of the national identity document of the Administrator – To contribute photocopies of the constitution writings the Civil servant of the delegation of Property, besides sealing to this model in his front page and to attribute to him I number provisional of CIF, will give to a document &quot to him; Provisional certificate of CIF " With a copy of this document and it copies of the national identity document of the Administrator and filling in a form of request of labels it will obtain a game of self-adhesive labels with his provisional fiscal numeration.