Anna Samara

In turn, for example, a branch of the bank Uralsib in the city of Samara took another step to meet: here are considered and applications from those families in which one spouse does not work (for example, a young mother). In this case, the wife serves as co-borrower with a zero limit. A real help and the opportunity to become a full or partial early repayment of the loan. It tells Anna Samara, Alfa-Bank's borrowers could it take on the expiration of the moratorium under the credit agreement. For example, if a loan of up to 200 thousand dollars a client is already at the end of 3 months in advance can reduce their outstanding mortgage loan obligation. The main feature of the borrowers up to 35 years is the desire to become a member of the housing program for young families to get grants to write off the square meter after giving birth. As said Anna Samara, often clients look to the bank, being very limited in time, because until the successor is a month and a half. Both husband and wife and there should be a party to the loan agreement and the owners purchased housing. All participants mortgage transaction (lender, insurer, appraiser) as actively working towards achieving the goal of young borrowers – buying an apartment and the issuance of mortgage credit in this period. In turn, Alfa-Bank is a partial prepayment from the account of the happy parents of borrowers and reduces the monthly payment amount commensurate with the repayment.