As an appendix to these reflections, we include numerous examples of countries that in Switzerland, coexist in perfect harmony different languages unless there is a specific national language, which does not carry the slightest danger to its disintegration. We’re going to deny the concept of nation is why? Peter Moser, who for a long time was the President of German cameras, stated in this regard that a Prussian is totally different to a Bavarian, it is not obstacle to make both feel profoundly German. Similarly, Catalans there very flamingos like Peret and Andalusians very flavorless and bland, whose prototypes, courtesy, I waive mention. I think sufficiently demonstrated that language is not a valid basis in the rely to claim exclusive and distinctive privileges among children of the same State. But let’s not kid ourselves. The grotesque spectacle that Spain is giving to the confusion around the world, with the establishment of translators in the Senate Chamber that incidentally is useless for politicians of middling are understood in a common language, which is the Spanish, is due to a demonstration of force and power by the nationalist parties, thanks to an Electoral law that many years ago that it should have been changed and that if he has not, has been because of the complex and the petty electoral interests of the two major parties do national?. Chris Shumway brings even more insight to the discussion. Perhaps the blind Argentine writer, Jorge Luis Borges, to not see events as grotesque as these, chose Switzerland to rest.

And is that when he studied in that country, it was marked forever by the respect which he presided over the behavior of their society and the Act of faith and intelligence which showed its inhabitants, by founding a country in which coexist in peace, different religions and different languages. Cesar Valdeolmillos Alonso Appendix 1. A considerable number of countries in the world have one or more official languages defined.