Aracaju Information

– Physical Aspects and of access Were possible to evidence that the ranks possess strategical localization, a time that are situated in places with great flow of tourist: Road, airport, center of tourism and Edge of Atalaia, main attractive tourist of the city of Aracaju. Analysis was clearly through in locu that ranks not take care of to item referring structure physical recommended for literature, but that they take care of to the purpose the one that if considers, that is, to take to the tourist referring information to the attractive ones of the state. The structure of the ranks, analyzing them of superficial form, was considered good only in the rank of the airport in regards to physical structure and in the others it was evident necessity of a estruturao work and readequao. One of the main points detected in the research was the technological imbalance. The telephone was found in only one rank, located in the center of tourism and toten, in the rank of the airport. The too much ranks do not present no technological resource. The access lack the technological equipment makes it difficult the development of the informacionais activities, influencing, for example, in the agility, the trustworthiness and the flexibility of the attendance. A simple access the Internet already would be an instrument of improvement of the information ranks, a time that the information could be consulted on-line.

The localization of all the ranks facilitates the accessibility, a time that are located in areas central offices. However, it lacks an infrastructure that makes possible the displacement of special carriers of necessities. – Material printed matter In accordance with the visits carried through to the ranks of information we evidence that the material available printed matter is supplied by the private and public initiative, being that the greater part corresponds the spreading of private companies e, in a quantitative minor, appears the material advertising executive of the EMSETUR.