Beate Maria Kamper

The Gothertsche method is based on a more than 20 years research by Ronald Gothert, the founder of the method. He now directs the research and is responsible for the training for the various professions of fine fabric at the Academy of the Gothertsche method in Tostedt, near Hamburg, Germany. Beate Maria Kamper met him in 2001, since then deals with the content of the method and is involved in the development of the method. Beate Maria Kamper encompasses the most varied experiences in 16 educational activity with a wide variety of people. She worked as a rhythm – and music teacher at preschool, children and young people.

At the free University of Stuttgart and in numerous training courses for educators and teachers she could cooperate intensively as a lecturer with adults. Since January 2009 she works after the training passed with distinction at the Academy as a fine fabric consultant NDGM and fine fabric teacher NDGM in these professions. Also, the qualification could be developed through training to the fine fabric food consultant NDGM. In June 2010, she opened their own fine fabric practice and offers individual consultations, course series and seminars there. In the individual counseling sessions, you can edit your personal request. There, the subtle order processes are supported.

In the series of courses and seminars, sieSchritt step and for each learning transparent, what you should pay attention to, so that the subtle order remains stable and no new blockages arise. “For this are no prior knowledge necessary whatsoever. Years of anxiety, fatigue, discontent, u.v.m. can be dissolved after a short time, when the cause is identified and categorized. This is neither unusual or miraculously”as the fact that a cut wound healed well after adequate treatment. We get used to the idea that makes us more than just the physical body and we will Miracle experience, which actually are not, but rather. normal.