Blog Promotion

Source: Promoting Your Blog's own publications! Register your blog in the next catalog, for some reason I like to do it manually, I get it from an aesthetic pleasure and confidence that everything will be so I need, when suddenly slipped a thought, if there is a directory of sites, blogs and other things, it should be and article directories! And indeed, they exist and they are not so little. So what prevents us from publishing articles your blog in passing and in the catalogs? That's right, nothing! Plus, this way of promoting a few and they are very powerful: The Good Society. If you have any really interesting information, which you can share – this is One of the best options! Fame. The more people you can read, the more popular you get. Caterpillar Inc.: the source for more info. So why not use it? Getting back links. Effect is slightly less than the invited papers on the blogs of the same subjects, but it is. You can read more about the advantages of custom posts.

And you can get links to internal pages of your blog, raising their rates in the future affect the transitions from searchers. At Jim Umpleby you will find additional information. Free of charge. For the most part these directories are free, though there are paid versions, but absolutely no difference I noticed. How can I find these directories? Very simple – query Google's 'article directory'. 🙂 Personally, I really liked the directory In this directory, in his article are allowed to publish links to the site of the author, but their number is limited, so do not overdo it, moderation on the site manually and fairly prompt.