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What advice do specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery according to official media reports PIP breast implants used in breast augmentation surgery. More than 300,000 women worldwide are affected, of which 40,000 in the UK. In Germany the inferior silicone is unclear. Clear crisis management and education for women with breast implants from PIP should help here. Should you belong to the women concerned, the PIP have implants, then I ask you first, to unnecessary panic not in spite of the numerous and different media information. Probably you need to worry big. As but no one currently can exclude a health risk for affected patients, you should be safe.

PIP implants have an approximately 10% (+ X?) The risk of a rupture of the shell. The detected ingredients in silicone are including Baysilone (petrol additive), Silopren and Rhodorsil. These substances have never been tested, i.e. the effects on the human organism unknown. Andre Picot, the toxicologist involved in investigating the use of the above substances called ‘almost criminal’. Therefore I join of plastic surgeons of the recommendation of the British Association in Great Britain, systematically removing all implants. My advice to PIP breast implants find you necessarily alone and in detail the opportunities consult the physician – experts of the trust, with the and plan together.

The gentle removal of the breast implants, if possible with capsule, a unit it is important. Ideally, no silicone should be withdrawn from the implant. All silicone shares should be removed thoroughly and then should in addition very thoroughly rinsed with physiological saline (Nacl0, 9%). For aesthetic reasons, and to achieve the best result for you. is always a new surgical gentle and precise preparation of tissue for the adaptation of new implants necessary. That can sometimes mean that the breast implant caves are adjusted must, either through reduction of the room or adapting to a larger or different projection of the implants. Depending on the starting point, the location of the implant plays a major role is in position on the muscle if necessary. display switching lodge under the muscle with closure of existing breast pocket. Visit me on my page. There you will receive helpful information about breast implants.