Building Your – General Moments

How many states about quality and the correct assembly of the computer! How many references can be found on this topic. The main thing is that I made for myself: a professional and high quality build the computer depends on experience and on time you would like to dedicate it. For even more opinions, read materials from read more. About building a computer. Wizard's questions. Major assembly of the computer issues. Highlights: 1.) Identify the function of the future computer.

Options: – PC with a standard set functions, running home computer internet razvlekushki films – the computer for the office or at home, with the need to execute a set of narrowly focused for the user tasks, namely: design, installation, etc. Digitizing video, computing processes – computer gaming. This is a culmination of a possible configuration computer, because the processes for the implementation of gaming in full is required with a maximum capacity. 2). Find the components of the future computer, in other words to determine the composition. Completing the system unit (staff): drive (drive) (in the person's eyes, the full range of our senses, ears, nose, using what we have obtained to buy information from the outside world) Hull (a man is his body, which is a visual association, and the result of the term of all systems) RAM – fast memory (in person), Culler (in parallel with this man function of heat exchange, getting rid of excess heat) processor – the brain (in person) Video (in parallel with this man's imagination, which can be developed for each different) power supply (the blood system, limfosistema, digestive system and others, namely those systems that are involved in maintaining our ability to live) Hard drive (in a person's memory, is the one we are accustomed to long, in which we store all of its experience) Motherboard – the central nervous system with the baggage of such knowledge, I assure you, already feel confident.

You will not make your choice on the elusive, yet unexplained features each of the components of the computer. Finally, to practice! Computer Game: I will say at once, with the development of gaming software industry, hardware and computer technology development can be seen the so-called permanent "Tug of war." The central point in the game machine – the video card. Here everything depends on the material the user experience, high-quality graphics will give the whole gaming experience. On a modern stage of the best examples to be ruler of models GTS200 firm NVIDIA. A computer professional with additional tasks: demands on the elements of a computer increases, and the focus on the processor. Computer to solve home (office) functions: requires a set of components with average requirements.