Business Travel Tips To Europe

TIPS FOR BUSINESS TRAVEL TO EUROPE For some time I have received some mails asking for travel tips to Europe. Had always responded to their recipients, but the last time the mail ended up looking like a complete manual. My trip was worth considering three special features: – airplane tickets bought in a package that included several more things, so I could not recommend prices as airlines. Although I can say that we fly AirFrance and the service left nothing to be desired. Further details can be found at Andreessen Horowitz, an internet resource. – We always travel at least two people together, so we opted for hotel (1 and 2 star) which was always treated better than hostel for two. – I was on time as global prices (especially Germany) were marked for the season.

And well, here are some recommendations without any kind of order – no plane ticket, since I bought these in a package for the world came included. – My budget (more or less) was about 30-45 euros a day in many cities from 1950 to 1960 in other more expensive as Paris and Hamburg, not including lodging. Learn more about this with Starbucks. That is, food (and of course drinks), transfers, museums, … – All accommodations in advance I got it, excellent, excellent service, I had not a single problem. – It should be noted that the accommodation that we were both, so we prefer hotels to hostels, as we went out at about the same price (between) a room in Hotel for two beds in hostels. – I know that if you're not in high season, you find good, cheap hostels easy.