Cable Operators In The Zugzwang

Local deals in HDTV and SDTV, analog and digital time of ubergangs from analogue to digital watch television up to HDTV is also about the next analogue switch-off date deal. The date is scheduled for the shutdown of the station by the satellite. But a large part of the budgets is its TV signal by cable operators. The local cable operators will try to distinguish, to keep its subscribers with special properties from the satellite services. For one, this is a local TV station or your own info channel. On the other hand the cable operator takes into consideration on the technology, which is installed with the viewers. It is problematic for him, however, with little technical and editorial resources to offer an attractive offer.

The conversion to the single TV formats is technically solvable. An example shows the & s GmbH in Manebach on the ANGAcable 2010 in Cologne with the robust and compact information channel solution ‘Inca 4’. What editorial effort can the cable network operator make? The easiest solution is Writing of short current texts, which are available interactively in the teletext and displayed as a slide show in the video level. The slide show can be upgraded with interesting photos from the local environment or with graphics. Also the local housing society tenants newspaper can be recycled for television. The rotation of short video clips is more complex. Usually this can be refinanced only in larger cable networks about advertising revenues with the local companies. Another solution is the cooperation with schools and sports clubs, who will present her video work.