CANON PowerShot

If you decide to buy a digital camera priced from $ 50 to $ 100, for a start, determined with the main criteria when choosing. Without going into deep thought, we describe the main parameters in our opinion. All firms presented in our market, offer very high quality cameras and bounce all around the same. Sales leaders in Ukraine are OLYMPUS, SONY, Canon. Also pay attention to the brand ERGO offering good quality and very inexpensive technology. Here are some prices in the territory of Ukraine for digital cameras ranging in price from $ 50 to $ 100.Ergo DC5353 – $ 55, OLYMPUS FE-310 8.0Mpx – $ 99, NIKON COOLPIX L16 7.1Mpx – $ 95, CANON PowerShot A470 7.1Mpx – $ 100, SAMSUNG Digimax L110 8.2Mpx – $ 100. Matrix.

From her digital camera depends on the quality of picture. Its color, the presence of noise in the picture, the sensitivity (ISO), the number of megapixels. Two types of CMOS (CMOS) and CCD (CCD), but in the first inexpensive models is rarely used. Resolution or the number of megapixels. Affects the size of your image, ie the camera has in the arsenal of 12 megapixels, you can print a huge poster of decent quality, if less megapixels, correspondingly decreases the size of the photo. Have Megapixels is a downside, but it is not for this review. Display size important element of your digital assistant, with his help you control the camera, and it appears that there will be imprinted on the image, You are currently viewing the display and edit the pictures ready and more than display, the more you can see.

Optics. The primacy of optics as a snapshot of digital camera has taken the matrix, so the optics do not is the main criterion when choosing a camera, but pay attention to is the presence of optical image stabilization and material of a budget models usually put the lens of plastic or composite – fiberglass. Optical zoom (zoom or zoom) lets you zoom in far away from you and make a better picture. To date, almost all cameras are equipped with optical zoom, the most inexpensive models, he is a threefold increase in focal length, some models in this price range it reaches 10. Many manufacturers also present digital zoom function, ie increase due to mathematical treatment (approximation), but be aware that when you use it unambiguously deteriorates the image quality. When choosing a digital camera, most people pay attention to his appearance. Often this figure is more important than its technical characteristics. And I think they're right, because if there are no special requirements for the camera, and it is not for professional photography, most devices can handle it, but boast of a good design or size that will be enjoyed for you, can not do everything. Therefore, in order not to lose face, choose stylish sets, they will please you not only good shots, but pleasant appearance.