Parts UAZ produced a large number of different companies, ranging from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant and ending with smaller companies that supply a wide range of inexpensive parts simple design. Very often the owners of cars of this brand buy spare parts for UAZ repair suspension. These are the parts UAZ, as springs and plates of springs, shock absorbers and parts thereof, as well as rubber bushings and seals, which are generally wear out pretty quickly. The main elements of the suspension – it's spring and shock absorber telescoping type. These parts are designed to absorb shocks and tremors that occur while driving and soften ride. These parts UAZ as springs, may be composed of seven or nine sheets strapped together a special bolt. Both ends of each spring is attached to the frame of the car. Shock absorbers – is no less important parts UAZ, they fasten the top of the bracket frame, and the bottom connected to the bridge.

Among the most common defects in shock usually indicate a lack of smoothness of the suspension, leaking tank or a complete denial of work. In some cases this is due to breakage of parts, which means that the need to buy new parts and make UAZ replacement. However, often such problems are caused by less serious problems, such as wear and tear rubber seals, a draft of a spring or loosen the nut reservoir shock absorber. In this case, no need to buy expensive spare parts UAZ, simply replace worn parts and tweak the nuts. The reason for poor of the shock can be even easier – clogging the valves. Then they simply need to rinse. As you can see, in order to correct the work of the shock absorber is not always necessary to buy spare parts UAZ. Often, owners Car and experiencing problems with the springs – usually squeak, too much sediment spring or even breakage of sheets. It is clear that in the latter case it is necessary to buy new parts UAZ. But in other situations can be solve the problem – tighten the sleeves or lubricate the springs sheets.