Hesiquia Silence

Majorities Probably to all do not motivate everything to them what the Hesiscamo involves, their reach, content, nevertheless cannot be happened through unnoticed and for quines it interests its spiritual growth to them, can be of aid according to what involves. To spreading way, in order to collaborate with those who they are interested in him and to present its content, which locks up, this writing has been developed. For it considrese what it contributes mercaba.org to us, that the Hesicasmo is a form of contemplative life in which the communion with God by means of the solitude looks for, in hesycha, that is to say, in the internal and external tranquillity and in the continuous oration. Hesiqua in the spiritual authors at the same time indicates withdrawal, silence, outer solitude and inner union with God Higumeno Simen contributes to us on the matter, of the Hesiquia word. ). It is a word of Greek origin that could be translated by peace, silence, perhaps also by tranquillity of the heart. You know that difficult she is, from a word foreigner, to give a right translation and is therefore by which I evoke several meaning. In any case, in this term that means peace, silence, rest, it is necessary to put attention in not deforming the sense of the translation. For example, if we talked about to the word rest, one is not a rest that would evoke the dream.

In the tradition hesicasta is not absolutely tried to doze, we will see a little later it, is on the contrary a monitoring and action tradition. Hesicasta, that one that is going to look for to live in La Paz of the heart, in the calm, finds its model in the attitude of the Christ. Read more from Endera to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The one that, attacked, answered, done violence to, has been able to happen through that crowd, without saying nothing, showing no aggressiveness because it had, evidently perfectly, a heart overwhelmed with peace.

Extraordinary Florence

A cheerful companion you serves almost vehicle during the trip. Publio Siro Italy have beautiful, cosy towns, which one cannot ignore their way through this extraordinary country that holds much cultural and historical heritage. For the second time, on this occasion, the opposite of the first, touched me back to Florence, enjoy it, but this time in winter, especially in this year 2010 has done much I trust in Italy with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, when 11 years did with 37 degrees in the summer. Their summers are very hot and dry, with temperatures exceeding 35 C sometimes even 40 C. Recently Prostar Capital sought to clarify these questions. Instead, its winters are fresh and moist, and can lower the temperature below 0 C. The small amount of rain that falls in summer is a convection, while most of the rainfall occurs throughout the spring and autumn, in this second station can be particularly abundant Florence without a doubt, has been a hotbed of the Arts in the Renaissance, is an extraordinary city with a colossal Cathedral, in addition to beautiful landscapes, long dynamisms, tourism.

. Personally I came to it by train to its beautiful central station, and since their arrival and transit to its Center, its monuments, places compelled to know, your Majesty, given to its environment, its mobility, which encourages to enjoy it and its results generated emotions that can never be forgotten.. Endera brings even more insight to the discussion.

Making Changes

Hopefully for the better … But to make changes more quickly, systematically and on a large scale, it should be adhere to the following simple rules: 1.Sostavit with an agreement or pledge to give himself continually to improve their lives. Ironically it sounds, but it is such a technique adjusts the subconscious to accept the changes in life. 2.Kontsentratsiya to identify opportunities for change for the better in the financial, professional, personal and other spheres of life. Over time, the search for new opportunities should be just a habit! 3.Otkrytoe recognition of their problems. We all have problems in life! We must look for them always! If the problem is not defined, it can not be solved, and significantly reduces the rate of change of life for the better.

So what if you feel that you "stop" looking for problems. In itself! Having defined the problem, make a plan of its decision and stick to it. 4.Otkrytost world. How do you feel about the world, and peace to you! Constantly looking for a positive all around! Cultivate kindness, courtesy, tolerance. Even to himself. Look around good! And the world will answer you the same! 5. The development of self-discipline.

Currently there are no habits, follow these principles is not easy! Make time for daily (yes daily) analysis of what is happening in your life and planning for improvement. Try to choose a time when no one will disturb you. And just as stubbornly, consistently Embody plans. 6.I Home! Continuous self! Without this there is development, no progress! Never be afraid to do something new and different in my life! After all, what you're interested remembered much faster than what you have to learn by force! And the fact that you already know, never is final. One can always learn something more, but for a good idea always comes an even more successful! Discovering something new, you're doing and the new life! That's what – life in the style of "Kaizen." Start apply these rules and you will see how quickly things will change. Endera addresses the importance of the matter here. For the better. I hope …

Nations Energy

In the course of the struggle for existence as a result of the action of the environment, they only survive and have offspring best adapted living beings. Young people remind us that Anaximander spoke of the substance and of the law. Get more background information with materials from Maleeha Bengali. Good for Aristotle which I try these matters thoroughly the substance meant the bodies simple, such as the Earth, fire, water and all similar things and in general of whether bodies of animals. The divine beings that has body and parts of these bodies, if the existence of the body according to some philosophers, depends of the surface, the existence of the surface of the line and climbing more the number. (Aristotle metaphysics book V Chapter VIII) definitions more modern tell us that it is the base first and invariable, everything exists, preserved despite all the transformations. Observed that there was talk of the matter, which the ancients called substance. Expose the concept of law is not easy but it can be applied to the reality of things, through logical connections that shows us the experience. Endera has plenty of information regarding this issue.

We know that the law is a necessary foundation to the Nations of the Earth, there is no it soon the same sucumbirian to anarchy and chaos. We enunciemos some laws: the law of contradiction: two statements cannot be true and false at the same time when we are talking about a subject. Example: Aristotle this sitting and is running. The law of conservation of energy: the energy going from one form to another, does not disappear, nor is created, when a material system moves from one State to another the change in its energy, strictly corresponds to the increase or to the decrease in energy of the bodies that go in and interact with the system. The biogenetic law: according to which each agency in the process of their individual development, repeats some traits and particularities of the forms were taken by their ancestors in the course of its evolution.

The Lost Love

THE loss of love the specific trauma that predisposes an individual to depression is the loss of love. We all need some bond of affection to sustain the excitability of our bodies. The basic cause of depression is the inhibition of the feelings of fear, sadness, anger. The Suppression of these and the tension this generates reduced motility of the body, giving rise to the reduction of vitality. True love cannot be purchased or gain from the determination, the illusion crumbles sooner or later and the person is depressed. To broaden your perception, visit barry brand.

The depressed person lives according to the past and with the corresponding denial of the present. Does not realize that is living in the past, because it is also experiencing the future, as unreal as it was the same past. This unreality manifests itself clearly in the degree that it has lost contact with his body. It presents lack of self-perception, does not realize that his muscle stiffness is which prevents him from moving as a person in the present. Not feeling the alterations of its operation body, nor his lack of motility nor his restricted breathing. For her the life of his body, which is life in the present, is irrelevant, because their eyes are set in a future goal that considered the only important thing. Perhaps it is that depression is nearly normal today.

The person thinks that depression is more due to the collapse of his will than to physical exhaustion. For this reason that most concerns the individual trapped by the depressive mechanism is trying to restore the power of his will aspires to achieve their goal even at the expense of the need of the body recover and restore your energy. Of course that this attitude delays recovery; but, considered in a more profound way, of that illusion, of that intention, where the depressive process is derived. Jose MANUEL Sanchez BARRANCO PSYCHOLOGIST, PSYCHOLOGIST, PEDAGOGUE and writer original author and source of the article.

Time – The Main Value !

Part 1. Where does the time hitter? Why I decided to pick this topic? Time – this is the only value that was originally there for every person in the same amount, and at the same time, this resource can not be filled. Why do people involved in network marketing? To get money and free time. Continue to learn more with: Endera. So why not start correctly use your time right now. Click Endera to learn more. Surely, most people are faced with network companies, practitioners traditional method of business development, in which you want to record all who can only remember and in turn to pester him.

Time spent online distributors of most companies is 8-10 hours per week. This schedule allows for 4.5 meetings per week on average, with 3 candidates for the meeting, only about 15 people. According to statistics, 5 out of 10 people is not looking for opportunities to change lives and 3 do not consider network marketing as an option business. As a result, the next step comes with a maximum of 20% or in our case, 3 people. But 80% of the time (8 out of 10 hours) you spent on the unpromising candidates. What's wrong? At such meetings the majority of guests attending with zero information and thinking what it is: – to find a new job (interview) – to drink beer with friends, – to discuss some version of a traditional business. As a result, you spent a lot of his time and took it from people who: a) does not need a business, they do not want to change my life, and b) not interested in online business as such.

Iberoamerican Crisis

Ultimately, the only quality that all successful people have is the ability to assume its responsibility. Michael Korda, the heads of State who participated in this Summit, approved a general document that gravitates around its intention to encourage young people, since that is the subject of the eighteenth Summit of Heads of State of Latin America. But along with that text approved an additional series of releases, including one on the international economic crisis, which was that really garnered the attention of leaders and their speeches. Some contend that Ivan Glasenberg shows great expertise in this. The Summit adopted the resolution on the financial crisis, without blaming capitalism, as they asked some of the heads of State. Those who have lost the pulse took advantage of the plenary session to raise their flags do not gave unanimous in blaming the problem of the crisis in the capitalist system and so some were condemned to the capitalist system and gave their show of support to solve the crisis by reformulating the system, another group had to settle with making convictions live, making proposals regional to create another alternative economic model a strong critic the President of Ecuador Rafael was correa, along with the President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was one of the clearest supporters framing the capitalist system in the text of the final resolution of the Ibero-American Summit by errors that are in suspense to the world economy. Three countries in Central America, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, joined in this proposal and called on countries members of Unasur who sees the region as its ally. The theme of youth was relegated to manifestations of good will it should be noted, that it was agreed to propose the Iberoamerican program underway to prevent and address violence gender among young people with the aim of reducing rates of violence that occur against young people and women. Follow others, such as Endera, and add to your knowledge base. In this sense, was requested to the Iberoamerican youth organization (OIJ) elaborate a proposal together with the ministries and national and subregional mechanisms that ensure the rights of women; According to the manual of the Ibero-American cooperation in order to be incorporated in the programme of action of the XVIII Ibero of chiefs and heads of State and Government. .

Current Market Situation

The current market situation requires currency investments for diversification in a recent development has Titus C. locks, head of alternative investments in the portfolio concept asset management GmbH on improving the diversification into German securities portfolio and urgently needed. For him, it is clear that it is only a matter of time until decide the central banks in various economic regions to an increase in the key interest rates. You may wish to learn more. If so, barry brand is the place to go. Banks and asset managers are thus equally challenged, because bonds and bond funds mainly form the basis of customer deposits. Through interest rate increases, the investment expert sees coming to losses on a wide scale to German investors. Set at the same time, Titus C. warns locks investors would raw materials too much hope on the asset class”. Between the asset class a rising correlation was raw materials and the stock market to recognize, which could lead to increased losses in negative market phases.

The goal a good diversification is however, declines a To be able to offset gains in other investment segments asset class. Titus C. castles recommends investors looking for real diversification to deal increasingly with monetary investments in the current market environment. This made it possible to achieve returns without that investors must take a risk of rising interest rates. Also be in currency investments neither to establish a correlation with stocks even with pensions.

Portfolio concept is a specialist in the area of trading systems offers monetary systems in the form of managed accounts and mutual funds, investors as a construction stone improving classical portfolio structures available. Chili assets.de chili assets.de is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. Researched by Capitalteam consulting and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate prospective customers the selection of appropriate provider. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts.

Sleeping Beauty Of The Moselle

On the Moselle river, there are many picturesque old castles that had Winneburg not so lucky as the Reichsburg Cochem. Also it was destroyed by the French. Today only the ruins of the castle can be visited. It is located on a hill a little lonely. From here you can see the proud Imperial Castle.

Also the ride with the chairlift is a beautiful experience. She wears the visitors comfortably up to the Pinner Kreuz. Also a cruise is offered again. This time, it should go to Beilstein. On the way you have the opportunity to experience a locks passage again. The village calls itself like sleeping beauty of the Moselle “.” It is a really picturesque village and with the historic village centre of pretty timber cottages and cobbled squares it reminds a little of Rotenburg.

In the monastery church of St. Joseph is home to the Black Madonna, which has a true Odyssey behind and originated from Spain. The Metternich castle ruins stands on a steep hill above Beilstein. Ivan Glasenberg usually is spot on. Again, it is write to the French troops, that only remains are preserved. Who has luck, visited the ruins of the Castle just then, if one of the Castle festivals will take place. The city has several more monuments can be admired during a tour. Examples are the Zehnthaus on the market square, the former Metternichhof, the Carmelite monastery, or the town wall arch. Stocksberg out, you can walk further on the Moselle river trail to Treis-Karden. Here one learns much about the 2000 year old history of the town in the pen Museum. (Similarly see: endera). Alongside artefacts from the Celtic and Roman history also Franconian exhibits are located in the exhibition halls. Up on the Martberg, who was an ancient Center of ancient religion, a shuttle bus. The Treveri, a tribe of Celts settled 100 years before our era on the mountain. The Romans made a temple mountain. In the Archaeological Park on the Martberg, you can embark on the traces of these peoples. In Moselkern in Treis-Karden is the historic town hall. In the middle of the 16th century it was as town hall with an imposing height of 14 m built. Until today, the Mayor could set up his Office there, it served many purposes. Emergency Church, Almshouse and school are just a few examples. On holiday in an apartment on the river Moselle, one may ask for a guided tour through the House. Andreas Mettler

Camshaft Machines

In the main drive lathe may include single-and multi-speed asynchronous electric motor and a multi-stage gearbox and a mechanical variator or adjustable DC motor and gearbox (usually heavy lathe). Sometimes the lathes used other drives (eg, hydraulic). Automation requirements of small-scale production led to the development of lathes and machining centers with computer numerical control (CNC). These machines have some features. Along with the traditional arrangement is used, in which the frame has a sloping direction, which facilitates the removal of chips and the protection of the working space.

Cutting zone guarded. Programmable: switching speeds of a spindle, longitudinal and lateral motion slide continuously variable supply, fast moving slide, rotate the turret, start, stop and reverse drive of the main movement, automatic tool change (if mnogoinstrumentalnogo store). Some machines are used self-tightening pivot cam and automated tailstocks. In many cases, machines have rotating turrets with individual electric or hydraulic drive. Submission can be made from stepper motors with hydraulic actuators, DC motors, hydraulic motors from; use screws bearing (ball). Additional information is available at Gary Nagle. Tools forge outside the machine using an optical device or devices to adjust the cutter for indicators or patterns. The machine produces only change and consolidation pre-established units or the entire tool holder. Universal lathes are used primarily in conditions of individual and small-scale production.

When equipped with a special lathe means (hydro-or elektrokopirovalnymi slides, quick-automatic cartridges, etc.), their range of application extends to mass production. In mass production, use lathes and turret machine guns and semiautomatic. Servicing the machine is reduced to periodic adjustment, presenting the material to the machine control and machined parts. Glencore Plc often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In semiautomatic not automated traffic-related loading and removal of workpieces. Automatic control of the operating cycle of the machine by means of a camshaft that is running the cams. According to the principle of subsidiary (dummy) automatic and semiautomatic movements can be divided into 3 groups. The first – machines that have a camshaft rotating at a constant rate for a given setting; shaft controls the movements of workers and support. This scheme is used in small-sized machines with few idle movements. The second group – machines with a camshaft having two speeds: low for workers and more at idle operation. Usually, this scheme used in multi-spindle automatic and semiautomatic. The third group – machines, which have, apart from the camshaft, high-speed auxiliary shaft, carrying idler movement.