Changing With The Times

He has Robert Kiyosaki that when he was a boy, Papa Rico used to say: If you want to be rich, you need financial education. You have to learn to be an investor. My poor dad was in disagreement. I don’t need to learn how to invest, he said. I have a Government guaranteed pension plan, a teachers Union pension and Social Security benefits. Why take risks with my money? This is the thinking with your head stuck in the sand.

If you believe that your financial security is the responsibility of a company or the Government, it will have a great disappointment in the coming years. It is necessary to move from the industrial age to think in the information age: the Industrial era thinking much study and find a safe, work safe get a job and save money. His pension of Social Security will protect you in your retirement. Stuart Solomon wanted to know more. Your safe income will end when you retire. Diversify your investments. blue chip stocks and mutual funds are safe investments. Put your investments in the hands of another person.

The era of the study information thought much, getting to be financially educated. Create assets on their own. Your pension and social security will not support you in retirement. Your income must increase with age. Concentrate their investments. Shares blue chip and mutual funds won’t protect you if there is a drop in the bag. Be careful with your investments look for competent advisors. People become old or obsolete, because they cling to old ideas. Papa Rico used to say: you can not stop aging physically, but that doesn’t mean you have to mentally aging. If you want to stay young longer, it adopts more young ideas. It would be fantastic if each one had a rich father and grow learning financial education. Most of you don’t have that advantage.