Compatible Cartridges

Often the question arises: Can we save money when printing on an inkjet printer? Let's look at all aspects of the problem: What are compatible cartridges? Can I refill inkjet cartridge? On what can be saved, and on what – No? At current prices, when the inkjet printer, sometimes, it is worth almost as much as is a set of cartridges for it, the manufacturer of printers that can print, use only original cartridges, in fact, means recognizing that you've bought a disposable printer. Like it or not? First of all, let's turn our attention to the instructions in the printer and turn to common sense. 1. To ensure that your cartridge has lived longer without place the printer near heaters. Cc ink printer, dry, like any liquid. 2. Do not put your printer in the window.

Variations in temperature lead to separation of ink, and, consequently, the formation of clots, that would spoil your cartridge. 3. At least once a week to print something. Because, otherwise, you have to use the procedure for cleaning the nozzles, and it spends much more ink. 4. Do not remove the cartridge from the by insufficient printer. The printer cartridge has a mechanism for parking, it is designed so that the parking nozzle cartridge tightly closed against the possible evaporation of the ink. Now we will look at filling.

Tankers are different. What problems can you expect? 1. Refilling ink incompatible. How many times heard in servisnoyZh All cartridges can be refilled 'Hewlett'. This, of course, meant cheap ink for HP DJ 400. A grave error! We will not go into details of the compatibility of the ink, but not all the ink may be appropriate to a particular printer, although compatibility is, of course, exist. 2. Most cartridges today, represent a container filled with foam or other porous material. One of the most common mistakes when filling is forced refill ink.