Complementary Providence

The sentence of 4 Pole of the Work of So Lus, pronounced for the female judge Solange Cristina Steps of I castrate, considered that only the Deliberative body of the entity could promote the removal. The Fascemar is responsible for the complementation of the retirement of about 600 pensioners of the Cemar, beyond receiving contributions from 1.200 employed ones that they are in the active. By this reason, the resources that are applied under its responsibility must be kept in conditions of security and yield that they assure the complementation of the current pensioners and of that they will go to retire in the future. The concentration of investments in an only financial institution was considered very risky for the company Risk Office, who analyzes the risk of the investments carried through for the deep ones of private providence, beyond disregarding the rules of the Secretariat of Complementary Providence, reasons for which the direction of the Fascemar if had refused to transfer to R$ 40 million its applications to the Pactual Bank, company of where came the vice-president of the Cemar, Carlos Pianni, and the integrant one of the Advice of Administration, Gilbert Sayo. The pensioners of the Energy Company feared that this concentration of resources in the Pactual Bank could represent a risk for the patrimony of the Fascemar, therefore the Bank arrived to offer an application without collection of administration tax, to the similarity of what he made the Bank Saints to the eves of the intervention for the Central banking. The officers of Justice had been in the Cemar to assure the reintegration of the managing president, but the company only received the summon, without accomplishing the return of Antonio Euzbio. The forwarding of the female judge foresees fine of a wage of the president per each day of descumprimento of the decision. The decision to reintegrate Antonio Euzbio was commemorated by the Association of the Pensioners of the Cemar and for the Union of the Urbanitrios of the Maranho.A RiskOffice it has as the one of its partners economist and consultant Marcelo Rabbat, specialized at risk of Credit and Risk of Market, that also is managing of the PR& , The consultoria one of investment..