Congress Centrum Hanover

Invitation to lectures and presentation at the Cisco Expo 2009 on April 27, 2009, the day before the Cisco Expo 2009 in Hanover, the company blue networks held a MPLS evening at the Zoo Hannover. During a delicious dinner, the guests about the news in the MPLS will be notified area. The blue networks MPLS experts present the latest information and developments and are available for questions. In the presentation, trends and facts of the MPLS World Congress 2009 “is speaks about MPLS, Metro Ethernet in the access, MPLS Pseudowire and VPLS OAM and management. A lecture on multicast and IPTV in MPLS networks is also”held. This includes topics such as multicast in L2 and L3 VPNs, protocols and standards (P2MP MPLS, MP2MP MPLS, mLDP) and video over MPLS. After the lectures rounded off the evening for questions and discussions.

Interested parties are invited to register at../mpls-abend.html to this free event. From April 28-29, 2009, the company will present blue networks at Cisco Expo 2009 at the Congress Centrum Hanover. Blue networks presents its services in the field of infrastructure, security and VoIP. The presentation focuses on the themes of Wi-Fi access advice and solutions:../wlan.html. In addition to planning, illumination and QoS, Voice over WLAN, topics will be also guest Wi-Fi, hotspot, and RFID, encryption, security and monitoring. On-site practical applications are presented and explained. Especially for the areas of health care, logistics and industry, these priorities should be.