Consulting In Quality Management

For development of quality, of what it involves, the positive impact generated once the quality culture is operating in a business where his management, the human factor involved has evaluated its scope, can not be ignored the valuable contributions, principles bequeathed Philip Crosby. His best-known motto is "the exhortation to achieve zero defects." "Quality starts with people not things" Today, Philip Crosby Associates is the consultant in quality management and experienced the largest in the world, demonstrating the "quality" of the guru of modern quality management It is known that this American, was born in Wheeling, Virginia on June 18, 1926. His career began in an assembly line where he decided that his goal would be to teach management in preventing problem which would be more profitable to be good at solving them. As quality manager for Martin-Marietta, created the concept of zero defects. During his 14 years as corporate vice president for ITT worked with many industrial and service companies around the world, implanted his pragmatic philosophy, and found it applicable in the world. In 1979 he founded Philip Crosby Associates, Inc. (PCA), and during the next ten years turned it into an organization with 300 employees worldwide and $ 80 billion in profits in 1991 retired from PCA and founded Career IV, Inc.

., a company that provides conferences and seminars to help the development of current and future executives. In 1997 bought the assets of PCA and established Philip Crosby Associates II, Inc. Now the quality school operates in 20 countries around the world.