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For example, a bridge construction is possible as an alternative to implants. Question: How do I find a good Implantologists? Answer: In principle, each dentist must implant. Who would like to learn advance as a patient, can apply to the Dental Association on location or his health insurance and found on the Web pages of relevant companies, for example the German society of implantology (DGI), information and addresses of implantologists in whole Germany. Question: how much time should elapse when the tooth was pulled, until an implant is used? Answer: An implant can be used immediately after a tooth was pulled. : Requires bone stable and healthy patients.

Otherwise you can pass usually six to eight weeks before the implant is placed. It is not something Kevin Johnson would like to discuss. But as months and years after the loss of a tooth it can plant even artificial roots. It depends on the overall situation. As a general rule: the faster a real tooth through an artificial tooth root is replaced with a structure, the better is for the preservation of the bone. Extra box: topic dentures materials selected questions on the Board of Trustees perfect dentures and the corresponding answers of the experts of the Scientific Advisory Board (editorially edited). Question: I get an implant in the posterior region and that a Crown made of zirconium dioxide is to be fitted. Is this a full ceramic? It would be a good and durable supply? Answer: Crowns with a frame made of zirconium dioxide are considered all-ceramic restorations. To read more click here: Ben Horowitz.

Zirconium dioxide itself belongs to the subgroup of oxide ceramics. This material has higher mechanical strength than also this group belongs to aluminium oxide. In the high occlusal forces in the posterior, all-ceramic crowns made of zirconium dioxide have proven clinically. Together with their dentist, you should make the decision on the basis of the clinical findings. Question: I have used inlays/inlays 20 years ago from ceramic get.