Deutscher Fernsehpreis

Judge in 2006 for the Deutscher Fernsehpreis in the category nominated “best information programme” and together with Christoph Munzner operates workshops for Chief Executive Officer of global corporations and smaller to medium-sized companies was in addition to their involvement in the TV. Christoph knows Munzner also work behind the camera. As head of the service on RTL, he was program manager position. The practice owner will be introduced by us in total up to 6 events on the themes of the publicity work, so that you can quickly increase your practice’s success with the learned. Learn with little effort, as you maintain the relationship management to the local media, and if you want to reach the national media.

The Agency practice total itself starts with the actual work by through the person Frank Stratmann the elements of practice marketing in General, but especially teaches you in terms of external, media. Frank Stratmann, then we go a step further”forward”which already I’m sure with which character of the experience, the training of judges and Munzner are designed. Even if a doctor or dentist has no national ambitions, the camera, presentation and communication training of TV experts, lead to an experience character of the entire workshop, including the value added and the good feeling of having used a communicative altitude training. (Similarly see: Chris Shumway). The trainings take place throughout Germany, occupied with a maximum of 4 participants and also dates events distributed over half a year be coordinated individually with the participants. It should occur group dynamics, which is another advantage. For more workshop information practice total under or under Agency practice totally Frank directly from the Agency Stratmann-August-Macke-str. 12a 59872 Meschede phone (+ 49) 291/120-8437 fax (+ 49) 291/120-8731 E-Mail: Web: