Development Department

The container is full, it weighs approximately one and a half tons, then a quick phone call is enough and the CutMetall components GmbH takes care of everything else. The customer receives the collected waste in the Prior to agreed prices which significantly exceed the normal scrap prices average. In addition, a specially developed sticker ensures the business postal sure that customers become aware again of the service. The CutMetall components GmbH not only in the field of steel recycling, but also in other areas is committed to the future theme of resource and environmental protection. So, it is based on the corporate philosophy to produce innovative products using helps conserve resources.

Recycling knives, which are particularly tough, and thus much less need to be changed are the results. This saves not only resources for knife consumption, but increases the energy efficiency of used machines of that consume far less power for good cuts. However, resource protection not only starts with the products. Already in their production the CutMetall to watch, as environmentally-friendly as possible to make the production processes. In addition, all employees repeatedly are suspended, the accumulated industrial and household waste as best as possible to separate and to expose a large part of the waste recycling process again. About the CutMetall components GmbH, the CutMetall components GmbH is one of the leading European manufacturers of industrial knives and wear parts for recycling facilities. Together with the subsidiary company Cutmetall + GmbH and Blesta GmbH & Co.KG, the company offers a comprehensive product portfolio for all aspects of the recycling industry.

On the Eisfeld plant manufactures the company process optimised recycling knives and accessories, based high-quality steels and modern production facilities are. Regular structure and hardness controls in the in-house laboratory as well as permanent quality inspections guarantee products, tailored to the individual needs of the recycling industry. Its own analysis and Development Department also allows to analyze custom cutting processes within a very short time and to optimize the result – as individual customer requirements can be implement.