Dreams Self

Based on what we decide? Based on what we decide not to promise or promise? When we decide that it’s IMPOSSIBLE! That’s right, from past experience! Does he always guard us? Or sometimes worth trusting instincts? Or, perhaps, should believe in themselves? Experience the important thing, with the experience we have the knowledge and skills that we use for their own purposes. But there is a downside. Our experience often destroys our success. In life, everyone comes a moment comfortable life that is not so comfortable. Want more, I want light and bright.

I want to achieve their dreams. And then we make important decisions. Some change jobs, others begin to work for themselves, reading books, self-development, training, education and a lot more then! You are doing important things in your life to achieve what you want. Working towards the goal, is not always going smoothly. There are breakdowns and breakthroughs, you You see, that goal that you set, not too close, and pushes it at a later date, based on their experience. You try myself in another area, or start a new relationship, or who knows what else to take on the basis of past.

Surely you remember that before acting and did not achieve success. You decide whether to trust this man or should not, whether you will achieve this goal in a month or more, based on past experience, putting it at a later period. And your experience begins to kill your goal or dream. The experience of failure, the experience of unrealistic goals, past experience, that no general does not have the skills – a cancer that struck you, and, moreover, thou hast stricken them his environment. This experience of uncertainty, weakness and fear. Remember the saying – beginners luck! No, no luck, they do not have any sad experience. They are clean and open to new possibilities and outcomes. But the first failure, which arise – the seeds of bitter experience, which pours environment. What was yesterday – it was in the past. It would never come. Did you have setbacks, but they died a minute ago. Do you have a most valuable right now – it’s yours now. The future has not arrived. And do not be sad experience of the last move in the future – what do you need these failures? In this you have an experience that gave you the skills and use them. If you something is missing, then use the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Forget that when you tried and failed, forget about that for a month to achieve this is not real. Everything in life is real. And confirmation that the experience of successful people. You’ll never prove a millionaire, that say, 7 years is unrealistic to become a millionaire without a cent in your pocket. You’ll never prove a happy woman whose family life is wonderful, that all men absolutely goats:). It is better to believe that this is possible. It is better to believe in themselves.