Earth Acceleration

If we think about our universe, we can think of it as a finite element that owns a quantitative term. Thus you could develop of the universe and the infinite separation. If it is accepted that the universe is finite and rotates together with a large amount of finite universes. Which finally find content by infinity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out mozes victor konig. Infinity is not a universe.

Infinity is the subject most unknown. reason by which we associate it mistakenly to our universe. saying it is infinite, when in reality its limiting principle is demonstrable. 35. The movement of fall free is a uniformly accelerated motion, i.e., the instantaneous acceleration is the same at all points of the tour and coincides with the average acceleration, and this acceleration is the acceleration of gravity g = 9.8 m/s2. 36 Objects experience different levels of force on different places on Earth, this is due to the Earth’s surface. Phenomenon formed by the rotation of the Earth. Thus gravity is greater at some points than others.

In the universe happens the same thing, there are places where the force of gravity is more powerful as a result of the gravitoria of our universe relationship with other universes. 37. Men experience different stocks in their beings, but which most affects them.One is the in which involve the greater part of their lives. An existence is mechanical, in which acting unconsciously. Similarly to the engine of a truck when it is launched by the pilot .of equal fashion society puts up most of the men, who are not perceived this and live their lives in a way mechanics. Another kind of existence is the conscious, in which the person takes their own choice and it devotes the greater part of his life. This last kind of existence seems to me the more dignified. This way the person is engaged in a profession by vocation and by taste.