English Teacher

Among the tutors, one English, there are many varieties and options for evaluation. Some of them are excellent teachers and well get on with children, someone special knowledge in linguistics, someone specialization has a bias in business English training, in any case, each faculty has a number of features, positive qualities and negative. Say, not all Teachers are able to easily and naturally communicate material and making of complex grammatical constructions easier to see the picture. In my opinion, teachers need to choose a wife! Long and very carefully, realizing that they are all different and need to find the one and only that is best suited, so to speak match, my features of perception and learning objectives. So it is very important to be able to choose teacher – tutor English. This can be done on specialized boards and forums on the Internet.

Some languages do provide the possibility of selecting a teacher, tutor English. But for many companies is a secondary activity. That is to say, related services. Therefore immediately determine for themselves which way you choose your private teacher: invite One after another, take advantage of the recommendation of a friend or refer to a language company which is engaged in providing proven private tutors from abroad for you. Another important point – the cost of training.

Obviously, the cost of one hour of training with an individual teacher several times higher than the cost of group lessons. And the cost of training by certified teacher – a native English speaker – two to three times higher than the cost of lessons with a tutor whose native language – Russian. As a result, the cost of tutoring – native speaker – is 8-10 times higher than the cost of group lessons. And anyway, this is probably the most expensive form foreign language teaching in his hometown. But it is worth noting that this is the most effective form of learning. Indeed, from the very beginning you speak English with a private tutor – a native English speaker, certified to teach English as a Foreign Language in a communicative methodology. You get rid of the language barrier and soar, using Proverbs transferred to you by your private teacher – carrier Language Therefore, this method is considered the most expensive but most effective way to learn the subtleties of English speech.