Enterprise Climate

This attribute acts two as within the model. First of all, it affects the importance of the other attributes. If the quality of the decision is important, other qualities become critics for a decision as well effective. The second function is more direct. If the other things remain constant, those decisions of great importance in which the quality of the decision has, as well, considerable importance, allows more participating processes. On the basis of the group structure (I put, objectives, culture of company ) and so that these are effective and contribute value to the organization, it is evident that the Enterprise Climate that causes the harassment is the one of organizations, improvisadoras or of informal structure that presents/displays weakness in one, some or all levels; or they are structured of group or individual form.

This weakness can be presented/displayed in the hierarchic positions, the rolls, the relations of interdependence or the objectives and I put so much at horizontal level as vertical. That is to say, in a climate without a suitable design that it allows a organizational effectiveness from the participation of each one of the implied. That is to say, the first factor to mention is a low organizational degree. One of the most determining factors so that they occur this type of conflicts in the organization are that the objectives and tasks defined for a certain position do not communicate the worker who undergoes the harassment; therefore Factor communication is equally excellent. Action like prevailing or decreasing the resources adapted for the performance of the work, own of the Mobbing that far from to obtain confidence, solidarity and aid between the implied ones obtain the lack of motivation, low satisfaction, ambiguity of roll and interpersonal conflicts, we spoke then of a estresante labor atmosphere, since the worker does not know what is what must do at every moment, nor whereupon.