Enterprise Portal

United planet is software manufacturer 10 years old in the last 10 years a lot has happened on portal technology. The today’s enterprise has portal with the purely static intranet of the time not too much to do. The Freiburg software producer has significantly influenced this development United planet and belongs with its industry-neutral portal software Intrexx Xtreme today among the market leaders in the industry. Freiburg, November 24, 2008. 10 years ago, most companies were still on individually programmed intranet solutions, which mostly consisted of purely static pages. The implementation of portal projects was then mostly a lot of time and money consuming.

To counteract this State, Manfred Stetz and Axel Wessendorf, founder and longtime CEO of the software company founded the software company United planet in Freiburg Lexware, in November 1998. Aim was to develop a standard software with the portal projects can be realized very quickly and without great programming effort. With her, it should be able to efficiently distribute information within the company and to optimize business processes. In addition, the software should be easy to understand, highly flexible and expandable to respond quickly to future developments. The royalties should be kept in addition deliberately low for the software to allow small and medium-sized enterprises, to optimize their business processes so that. Thus was born the portal software Intrexx Xtreme. Intrexx is different than the other portal solutions available on the market due to its speed and ease of use. Thanks to the graphical user interface elements and prefabricated components, it was already possible to create a portal without having to write a single line of programming code with Intrexx.

In the last 10 years, United planet has but clearly further developed its software and lasting influence on the development in the portal market with many new features and technologies. Not for nothing United planet and Intrexx Xtreme, inter alia with the innovation price of Baden-Wurttemberg and the Initiative Mittelstand “awarded. So, planet United developed a technique which linked certain events in the intranet with the automatic sending of email notifications for example already in 2001. This tool at that time still under the name eMail sprinter known evolved over time into a complete process manager and opened up a completely new market segment for manufacturers at the same time. This linking of applications processes offers today an enormous economic savings potential in companies in all industries. As one of the first manufacturers of portal software, United planet also introduced the possibility for the integration of Web services. The new features of the recently released version 4.5 of Intrexx Xtreme, like Groovy-integration, Office integration, and the completely new user management of the software show that one is not resting on his laurels.