Ask the manufacturer (this shop furniture can not do) to replace the standard mattress for high density and hard. What if he agrees? Mechanism "of daily sleep," appeared recently, and despite the high price, steady demand throughout the world. Its main difference between these mechanisms – the presence of spring mattress, 12-14 cm thick on the couch with this mechanism can actually sleep, and not just the guests … Nevertheless, despite the presence of a spring mattress, this mechanism (as well as all of the following) gives a normal bed. "French" clamshell mechanism involves the use of options as a guest. This furniture, which occasionally need to sleep guests.

It does not designed for everyday use. If you plan to use the sofa for daily sleep, pay attention to the class mechanism and the mattress, which should be (ideally) of elastomeric foam, latex or spring unit. "Book" or "click-klyak." One of the most simple and reliable mechanisms. Allows you to place it under a seat roomy niche for linen. The mechanism has no moving or rotating parts, and they come out system in the first place. Remember the old "good" Soviet sofas in which the mechanism of transformation was the only? "Click-klyak", and the sofa converts into a bed.

Very often, unfortunately, these sofas pronounced just "click", and "klyak" was obtained from the second or third time. Despite its simplicity, the quality of the mechanism was far from perfect. Now on the market are reliable and quality mechanisms for sofas type "book", not only domestic but also overseas. However, domestic manufacturers practically apply the mechanism of transformation. Perhaps due to the fact that mass production of poor-quality upholstered furniture in the "old good times "has beaten off all the buyer want to buy" books. " "Withdrawable". One of the most popular and reliable mechanisms. Sleeper "rolls out" from under the sofa. This mechanism is important that the part framework, which goes on the top spot, was made of solid wood (pine tree in the movie would push the groove). Even better, if you are using all-metal frame. Pay attention to the material from which produced videos, as well as on their diameter (the more – the better). Faulty or improperly installed can jam the mechanism. Note the smooth operation. "Dolphin". This mechanism is used mainly models for the angular furniture. The front portion extends the method of "lifting the loop," and pulls for an extra seat cushion, which is a component of the bed. Box for bed linen is hidden, as generally not in the "Dolphin" and the angular unit. Notice how easily you could open a sofa. A good mechanism allows it to do without effort (or almost no effort). "Accordion". Accordion he called in Europe. We have it – an accordion. This design sofa unfolds forward on a "bunching". (According to the magazine myth)