Fidel Castro

February 18-19, 2008 Fidel Castro announced to leave the offices of President and Commander in Chief. No other President in the world held so long in power. Cuba is still the only Western country in the defunct Soviet bloc in which the Communist Party maintains the monopoly of power. Castro, has also avoided being questioned by a popular uprising. Source: Baru. Do as has been forged to Cuba Fidel and what can happen with this island after the departure of Castro? When 31 July 2006 the official press announced that Fidel Castro temporarily left the power to recover to an operation, thousands of Cuban-Americans in Miami celebrated what they thought it would be the end of the Castroism. On his 80th birthday Fidel showed photos where appeared to recover.

He was temporarily replaced by his younger brother Raul, but, instead of returning him to the post for 19 months Catsro has decided to follow the path of Chinese Deng Xiaoping’s spend the last days of his life as the power under the shade by ensuring that there is an orderly transition of representative without that modify the system and control of the Communist Party which he established. The particularity of Castro the way in which Castro came to power was very different from the of the other communist revolutions in the world. The Bolsheviks took power in the midst of a bloody world war I (1917) and were consolidated in power after a civil war that lasted until 1921. In China, Korea, Indochina, Yugoslavia, Korea Communists waged protracted guerrilla wars. In the cases of Asia they consolidated in power militarily colliding with internal enemies or foreign powers. In Eastern Europe the people’s democracies were imposed by the advance of the Soviet confronting the Nazi army. While all these cases there were long and very bloody wars, the Castro uprising occurred with relative little loads of dead.