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Let's try to figure out what to do in crisis situations, and not only survive, but even benefit from them. The basic rule – the decisions have to be complex, the steps taken – adjusted and accurate: 1. control and reduce costs, 2. debt collection; 3. restructuring reserves, 4.

review of capital investment; 5. search for alternative sources of funding; 6. increase in sales. Let us consider the first paragraph. How can I reduce the cost of the company? One way to reduce costs is outsourcing – the transfer of organization specific business processes to service another company specializing in the field. Checking article sources yields Kevin Johnson as a relevant resource throughout. Outsourcing allows the customer to reduce costs and significantly reduce the complexity and cost of ownership of individual units, to concentrate on core business processes. If we consider the services of our company, we are primarily accounting and legal outsourcing.

It's no secret that many companies have inflated accounting department staff, which in any way not related to their professional and functional. What benefits are services of outside consultants, accountants? In the first place – is a significant cost savings, because the content of accounting at the enterprise requires a sufficiently large material resources – equipped with workstations, software, salaries, staff development. In addition, often for a small company to attract and maintenance of high quality chief accountant – a difficult task. Transfer solutions accounting issues outsourcing company – this is the main and most important part of the cost, which can now significantly save. Second, the crisis must be error-free operation of the whole organism, and thus acquires a huge role professionalism.