Filming For Beginning

First of everything, you probably already if asked why to film instead of taking off some photos? Good, the majority of the people prefers to beat some photos of what filming, therefore the results are better, faster more easy. This is simple to explain, because the most modern that almost alone cameras make the hard work. a ready click is enough and! An excellent photo. But let us be honest! You would change a film made by album of photos well? You really find that some photos can capture same the moments and/or feelings that videos filmed and edited well? He can be until I am missed, but I find that not. We already are in century 21, and we have that to be realistic. Of any form, I am not saying that photos are one me the idea, or you not to use to advantage them.

I am saying that the videos are so important how many the photos, or until more. Then, we go to the point. Beyond the techniques of photos, you still it needs to know of others. But we go you start of the start: * Equipment: 1 – He is obvious that you will go to need a camera. It has some models as: fans, half-professionals and professionals. Still she has cameras of photos that are capable to film.

Choice in accordance with its necessity and financial possibility; 2 – It buys accessories for it, such as batteries, cards of memory, stock market, ribbons, handles of transference, tripods, parasol, and etc. Again, choice in accordance with its necessity and financial possibility; 3 – Depending on the place, it is basic to have some lights. My first tip is: I will choose of tungsten. They are cheap and efficient. * Extra: 1. If you will be paid for the work, you confer if it is dress for the occasion well.