Flexible Magazine Shop

Read journals without subscription. Easy and fast! The online magazine shop by cross read your favourite books provides punctual and comfortable home without any obligation to include the magazine subscription with a minimum maturity. We know that many clauses, which can quickly diminish the pleasure of reading lurking in the dense foliage of the journal provider: long contract periods and notice periods, as well as waiting times of up to six weeks after the order until the first delivery of the journal are common. It is also most laborious or even impossible, to replace the ordered magazine with another or individually to determine the delivery period. It is different at the new cross read-magazine shop. Here it comes to uncomplicated and flexible reading fun, where one must note any notice periods or small print. The customer stands with his wishes in the heart and passes easily through the concise navigation Guide to his favorite magazine.

Cross read attracts its customers not opaque Premium offers and false promises. Instead, the shop focuses on a simple and transparent approach of the customer and assist the magazine itself cross read the focus. Another advantage of cross reading are the very simple instructions. It is possible to change the previous magazine or to order more magazines to at any time. This is all done exclusively online via a free customer account, which is generated during the first order.

Here, the necessary settings and the own personal data with just a few clicks, even administered. As a customer of cross reading you have the possibility to choose from a portfolio of over 100 offered magazines. The same whether you are interested in culture, politics, or travel, for all areas there appropriate magazines. The offer of magazine publishers is big but what magazine is right? A magazine designed to meet not the desired reader, it can be at cross read online flexibly to the next release date against another magazine, be replaced. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may find this interesting as well.