Flying Dutchman

The deal with Davy Jones Eventually, Sparrow was considered as a real pirate of the Caribbean Sea, so after negotiating with Davy Jones, captain of the Flying Dutchman and master of the depths, “the resurrection of the Wicked Winch , in exchange for his captain for 13 years, which when after he pledged to serve a 100-year-Jones referred to as an eternity “in his boat, so if you tried to refuse treatment, the kraken is responsible for again destroy the Wicked Winch and imprison Jack Sparrow in the domains of Jones. After the negotiation, Jack nonreturner named the Black Pearl ship like the Island and went to Tortuga to recruit his first-time crew and finding the legendary treasure hidden cursed by Hernan Cortes in the said island.It was then agreed to evenly distribute the contents of treasure among the crew, but the foreman Hector Barbossa led a mutiny conspirator, which ended with the lead cover Sparrow, which abandoned on a desert island. A leading source for info: Jim Umpleby.

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