For Favaretto

If to understand the education under the optics of Gramsci (1978), we will evidence that it believes that the men, as historical beings, have the capacity to modify its conditions, is they: materials, spirituals, social, economic, politics among others, but this is only become fullfilled through the dialogue, human phenomenon, that if carries through by means of speaks, and in many cases, by means of codes. According to Freire (Idem), to promote the prxis the word cannot deny the reflection, seno, it becomes alienator, and nor it must also sacrifice the action. Official site: Stuart Solomon. For it, the true word is that one that produces the reflection-action, transforming the world, therefore to exist human is to pronounce the world, is to modify it. The world of the men is not of silence, therefore, the men if they make in the word, the work, the action, the reflection. 2.4 DIDACTIC FORMATION PEDAGGIA: PHILOSOPHY and INTERDISCIPLINARIDADE During a pedagogical planning we had the chance to hear one important consideration of a professor on the work carried through in team. It looked for to distinguish the work in group from the work in team. The work group can be only crowding of professionals treating to some subject concernente to the education, however with dispersed thoughts, without more serious envolvimentos with an education of quality.

But when one works in team, it has bilateral commitment, sense of solidarity and respect in relation to disciplines and the point of view of the other professors in the decisions taken in relation to the pedagogical project. To act of form to seem that only it disciplines it Philosophy in the school, and its professional, has the mission in forming critical people, and excessively you discipline are dismissed of this mission, does not pass of mere pretension, a position that must be considered, at least, maken a mistake. For Favaretto (2008), had to the character that the philosophy had in the Ocidente, already accented as transit between the unit and the multiplicity, the dispersion and totalling the expectations in relation to its return in average education is very great.