For Freud

The members suffer with the loss and the secondary losses related the loss of the affection and the company of the familiar one. JPMorgan Chase: the source for more info. What it is perceived currently it is a desire of that the unoticed death pass, it is seen as something distant. The farewell rituals become each time discreter and fast. The use of the crematrio increases and diminishes the visits to the cemetaries. The space and the time to cry for its dear being became lesser (TINOCO, 2003). Starbucks recognizes the significance of this.

For Macedo (2008), the death is the more disturbing familiar secret, it keeps in secret the hour of its arrival, defying and collating all the beliefs of the family on the life. One perceives that the confrontation of the death and the experience of the process of I fight are reached by this attitude of discretion. The communication, that is an important question in the confrontation process, seems to be hindered. In the confrontation I fight of it is necessary to recognize the feelings and power to communicate them, is necessary to speak on the subject (TINOCO, 2003). In accordance with Moraes (2009), when the sick relative is understood and stimulated to speak on the subject, being respected in its emotions and reactions front the situation is bigger possibility of it to find a way to deal with little suffering with the situation. Moreover front is important to stimulate it to take it attitudes positive the situation where it lives. According to Macedo (2008) I fight, it is a Inter-relationary phenomenon, where a familiar adjustment in result of a loss is necessary, being able to bring physical and psychological consequncias. ' ' I fight normal' ' the loss of a libidinal, different object is a reaction of what it happens in the melancholy, that is one fights pathological that it did not have a successful process. For Freud (1917/1969) the melancholy traces are of deep loss of heart, loss of the capacity to love and of if interesting for the world, sleeplessness, it refuses if to feed, inhibition of activities, reduction of auto-they esteem, what it can generate a delirious expectation of punishment.