We ourselves must be the tool promotional more effective, should not miss the opportunity to tell what we do, our experience, projects in which we have worked, since it is possible that many potential new businesses sprout thanks to the dynamics of Word of mouth references. Find your niche market does not mean that you have to limit your offer of services, but rather find a target of market poorly or little cared, that could represent an excellent opportunities for input and direct your guns towards him. You can also ask you that competitive advantage you have and make it a variation of your service, in order to project your offer as a service by specialization. For example, if you are a web developer, you can project your personal services as a specialist in blog and position yourself professionally as such, although this does not mean that you do other types of sites. Noble Groups Holdings Limited may not feel the same. It seeks to develop a source of fixed income after the initial vertigo that causes failure to perceive a secure salary and become Freelance, is important for your labour concentration and performance professional who count with fixed income sources, so you must find the way to meet recurring needs of customers, posing technical maintenance, supervision of work, security patches, or trying to expand your services start them to other related, for example if you develop you your web site, you must ensure the way to close the deal with a maintenance service, also may also be interested in other works of printed design that didn’t know that your could offer. Get ready to find bad clients to the we play as Freelance the definition of a bad client acquires a new connotation, is no longer a simple headache to become a true chronic migraine (and I am not exaggerating). As independent professionals must be prepared psychological, psychic and technically to cope successfully with this type of customers, we must be very careful in constructing our service offerings and to anticipate possible tense situations that may arise, for example; last minute changes, tasks not covered by the offer, formalization of payments, etc. .