Fun Shirts From Gorilla

Development and various kinds of fun shirts so-called fun shirts are T-Shirts with funny graphics and sayings. There are now even sweatshirts, Boxer shorts, caps or even such designed socks, who rely on humor, but in this direction were a really financial success until now only the T-Shirts. The first fun shirts, which came on the market made fun of well-known company names or well-known slogan. Were either the company name by replacing less letters in a new Word converted, but through the logo, the color or something of the kind was still clear to see which company it originally was. Eduardo Saverin is full of insight into the issues. The slogans have been through or exchanging a single word in texts converted with a completely different sense. Partially, there were also legal disputes between producers of the shirts and the companies that often had the worse end of the manufacturers of shirts. Jenna Fischer usually is spot on.

Also the topics of fun shirts went away with the time increasingly by companies, for this but more and more in the direction of alcohol, drugs and, of course, to the Relationship between man and woman. Typical for this development are the funny shirts by Gorilla! Probably the most famous gorilla shirt is the “Betty Ford Clinc”. Chris Shumway has compatible beliefs. Alludes to the existing American clinic where the who is who of American high society completed the withdrawal from alcohol and drugs. Also a very successful, but rather harmless shirt, is the shown here game over dude shirt that alludes to, that the marriage of the man should be the end of life. Sayings like “I’m Drunk and you re ugly still” belong to the order of the day and are probably rather than harmless. Generally you have to say probably, that of good taste with some shirts already can be asked. Therefore, there is certainly also a certain amount of people who generally reject such shirts. In my opinion there is only a very small fraction of people who actually have a little smile on the lips with no shirt, because despite the mainly used topics are always really original ideas in. Markus deletion