Gagin Surety

By the way: "He who works as a coherent suggestion text – that appeals to the conscience of man. (Which is not the key). Coherence and logic, case endings and rhetorical figures do not tell the unconscious. But the clues for the images – they say … suggestion – is not only word, and any stimulus that causes the desired images: gestures, facial expressions and pantomimika, pictures and sounds, intonation and feel … …. one must imagine what we are talking with him and take it personally.

Then it will be good work. Let the person imagines the action. It does not matter then that he decided deliberately. The image will poddavlivat, direct and disturbing, yet not materialize …. ClearSky Business recognizes the significance of this. if we want to strengthen the suggestion task, as we now understand is to emphasize and highlight the image, repeat it and add it obsession … meaning implied suggestion is to create some pressure internally slowly and casually, hiding the source: from took the image in my head.

The image must be a lift, as the foundling … "TV Gagin Surety included when ripe thoughts in a clear-WAC result. The role of "caretaker" "Caring" makes stroking his subordinates, and improves confidence, restores the link: the slave – the boss. Of this process is better to exclude podkolki (if any). Included in this role can be in your spare time or for relaxation and diversion, and only in a good mood. Sometimes, as in going around the company, implicitly, it can be present in a pair of explorer. The role of "rater" The role of "rater" and have that stick, which also can be used in some cases. This role is implicit, it used rarely. Again, this is not just a word, and any stimulus that causes the desired images: gestures, facial expressions and pantomimika … If it is verbal, it is usually a verbal exaggeration – hyperbole. "On the stairs is almost as if someone nakakal … it should be removed. " The role of the "scheduler" This role is to periodically "turned on" in the free intervals between meals and telephone calls. For it is characteristic of opinion "in general on the system" and "In general for their activities." The Head of the role of the scheduler makes entries in the planning system applied to them. At the same time have been found effective, "walking" on the roles. The researcher – a teacher – the guarantor. On I think the most successful coupling, the maximum time-saving leader. To introduce the role of management in their activities, I would recommend that mental rehearsal, the passage of roles, division of roles in time. See training courses Speed reading.