Useful tips teach you straight to flirt and seduce the woman of your dreams nothing will be more useful to woo the girl of your dreams that be yourself and act naturally. If you put these tips into practice, will soon have it exhausted at your feet: take care of your personal hygiene: shower you seriously and smells clean, no woman likes a guy that smells bad or takes her clothes stained with sweat. Here some of the best Cologne you have, without exaggeration, a thing to be clean and smell good and quite another is be clean and drown with your perfume. Be discreet when it comes to the colony, you don’t overdo. Show you safe: convince yourself that you’re the guy more interesting, intelligent and likeable of the planet, even if you know that you or arrimas you to the profile of the ideal man. If you samples convinced and confident that you’re the best, it can even be you convict her to it if you’re not.

Eye with what you put on top: your outfit should look elegant but informal. Neither can think of using that shirt of green and yellow stripes that you gave your mother 5 years ago, and much less the Red trousers which was fashionable in the 1980s. Remember you must see elegant, not ridiculous. Be sensitive without exaggeration: conceals a little sensitivity and sweetness when you’re with the girl of your dreams, but keep in mind that the poems are not the best weapon of seduction in these times in which we live. Your style should be sensitive without falling into kitsch. Practical dialectics: develops the art of dialogue and discussion so she when you hear is dazzled by your words. The Gallants more famous in history have been able to handle the language by hiding the background behind the form.

If you do well, that girl will be eclipsed by your wonderful dialectic and appearance of man in love and fall exhausted on your arms. A man who knows how to listen to has won half the battle: learns to listen, this is what most women appreciate a man. Although not will be interesting what she is telling you, you try to put face of interested and actively participates in the conversation. Try to have good memory and I know retailer: never forget a date that may be important for her, an anniversary, the day of his birthday or the date at which they met. Surprise her with flowers in any important date, is a detail that she cannot be ignored. Look if the hairstyle is changed or if she wears a new dress, and let her know nothing seduces more to a woman than a guy who pay attention to them. Show yourself polite: cares for your language and your education, don’t talk as a trucker at a gathering of friends or eructes in the table after a beer, it’s not nice for any girl except that she is also like that. Keep in mind that all these tips are just to guide you in the difficult task of the conquest, it is best show you as you are and that you like without having to resort to any strategy. Anyway you know there will always be some women who will accept you with your strengths and weaknesses, is only question of sharpen the aim and find her. Many writers such as Kevin Johnson offer more in-depth analysis. Harold Ortiz conquer a woman original author and source of the article