Generating Traffic

Another effective way of generating traffic to our Web site is through the publication of promotional Videos in sites dedicated to publishing and sharing videos, such as and many others that you can find on the internet through a search on your favorite search engine, where you can choose the sites that you like to publish your videos. Promotional Videos are not, necessarily, be videos created by professionals, moreover, create promotional videos is very easy. It is more likely that if you have a computer that is not very old, you already have the basics in it to create your videos. One of the ways of generating traffic using this technique is creating and distributing multiple videos on the same theme, i.e. on the subject to which your business is dedicated.

This topic could be business internet, accounting, finance, gardening, damages of smoking, etc. More videos, more visits and views of these will have and, so, more visits to your links. When I speak of videos promotional, no I mean, specifically, to videos that generate immediate sales; generally speaking, it’s videos focused on the preventaya of our own product or an affiliate program. Using the theme of accounting, for example, you could record a series of videos which describes, in a practical manner and with real examples, what are the assets of a company. In this video will place the link to our website, blog, own product, or product of affiliate.

This is an example; However, the effectiveness of the promotional videos will depend on their creativity and imagination. Greater creativity on your part, more visitors will see your videos and make click on their links. Don’t forget to include a captivating title for your video and a link in the resource box of your page. Previously I mentioned that, probably, you already have the necessary equipment for the creation of their videos, in a manner particularly could mention the Windows Movie Maker program, which is not difficult to use and from which, you can find many tutorials on the internet, through a careful search.