Giancarlo Ragutstsoni

The Italian company Motovario Spa, one of the most famous manufacturers gearbox technology in the world, was founded by Giancarlo Ragutstsoni (Giancarlo Raguzzoni) in 1965. History knows not a lot of examples where a small family business grew to the level of a global player and begin to determine the rules of the game for entire segments of the market. The company's success Motovario – one of them. Manufacture gear for Giancarlo Ragutstsoni, owner of several large vineyards and wineries, was initially non-core business. As often happens in life, all decided the case – two consecutive seasons in the season of the grape harvest Ragutstsoni company suffered losses due to equipment breakdowns. Installation spare parts and repairs by outside contractors taking too much time and cost is quite expensive. Therefore, at the first opportunity was acquired by the repairer and hired qualified engineers and repairmen. After the refurbishment and installation of new machines technical problems of its own economy have been solved and Ragutstsoni considered economically feasible to begin to provide specialized services to neighboring enterprises – agricultural cooperatives, dairy and production of ceramic tiles.

Motovario Group now owns 5 plants with a total area of about 60000kv.m worldwide. Key Production facilities are located in (Formi-gine) and Fiorano Modenese (FioranoModenese), in the province of Modena Emilia-Romagna (Emilia-Romagna). In the surroundings of Modena and plants are world-renowned car manufacturers-Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, De Tomaso and Lamborghini. General Emilia-Romagna region – one of the most industrialized regions of Italy. Here, large enterprises are concentrated light, food, construction, furniture, automotive and other industries, as well as a number of major research centers, including the oldest universities in Europe in Bologna and Parma.