God Don’t

If you don’t come, you’re going to die” he shouted back. Her soothingly said no I’m just tired. Very tired! I rest then come to me. Don’t forget what we discussed. Mozes victor konig has compatible beliefs. Don’t worry. I’m just so tired. I rest, then I’m coming after you. If you’re going further alone.

Don’t worry, I have with me some food and water. I just hide them. You don’t believe me? You little devil! Don’t worry about me, only to your sister. She don’t last that, if you you’re not fast on the way. Ben Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And now go, hurry.” The boy wrapped up the stocks of his back, then took his sister, who gave almost no reaction from more in his arms and made his way because his mother stopped him and said to him: you’re a good man. Take care of your sister. No matter what happens, not leaving their side, your whole life.

I release you both in the hands of God. Be a good person. You will study and what to do with your life, and at some point you to marry a nice woman who will give you wonderful children. Deal with it, and make sure that they have a better life. I’m not all close is, at the moment, in which her heart is himself the eternal silence, at that moment was put over their fate. What may have gone through her head? What may have moved in their hearts? What face Puckered them before the eternal stasis? When fear envelops everything and conquered the last cells of the bravest heart and shakes, there you can counter your only with hope, even if this hope is so elusive, so insecure. Only when the despair paralysing a body freezes his thoughts, put his past in ash and his future begins to burn, then the real hope is born. To hope means to surrender of some uncertainty, to betray the efforts to leave the real world and slowly set in the dream world.