Gunther Wallraff

The gestures, the articulation, the eyes, when “Germany seeks the Jesus character” would have probably won Bryan and reminds the performance somehow also on great Hollywood classic, what ask is whether Bryan which also is aware that if he knows the effect these images. -Brilliant stroke of genius? -Only a few days ago, Gunter Wallraff has released his documentary “Black and white” at the TV station ARTE (dealing with racism), and also to Max Bryan is speculated on the Internet already witty, whether the whole homeless thing not perhaps is a brilliant genius of unknown journalists making up, to inherit from Gunther Wallraff. If there were, would Bryan created new, but also something unique not only what, there is supposed a lot of footage that documented in real time life on the road. On the other hand, and it must be, is to be feared that Bryan BBs tormented soul really is no game, but subject of sad truth, that results from 15 years of self-flagellation. In a small attic room – in the North of Germany – Bryan wrote self-reported result 15 years on an introductory essay to the Metaphysics, it probably was “Being and non-being” and to the “global order, of being” a work that never completed was, before it happened, he lost his apartment.

Living on the street Bryan speaks now of “Fears”, so massive that they hinder him to lead a normal life. -Super talent contest as great opportunity – in his participation in the Super talent contest saw to escape Bryan his big chance of the situation and yet the former dream of life with the music to make true and not only that “I did this because something I believed in truth and sincerity, but what I found were lies, hypocrisy and jealousy”, writes Bryan in the accompanying text to his video message. He is called the “self-styled pop Titan without decency and sensitivity, as reader and servants, as a puppet of script writers and programme makers” success producers.